TECHNO TOPIC - What is Fragmentation and Why Do I Care?



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Avoid fragmentation

I advise my clients to buy an external hard drive and the put only the company file on this drive. Then it will never be fragmented. If the client has a server, then a dedicated server with only the company file and QuickBooks-related files works just as well.

Pete Bornstein more than 2 years ago


The piece appears to address platter hard drives only.
Can or should you address solid state drives?

Louis Gutberlet more than 2 years ago

No Frags

While more than 95% of all 'windows' desktop computers make use of platter drives, and most solid state drives are found in laptop, it is true that generally solid state drives are not subject to the type of windows-produced 'drive fragmentation' described in our article. In fact almost all SSD manufacturers caution against any attempt to run traditional defragmentation on their drives.

Thanks for pointing out this evolving technology. more than 2 years ago

How can you fix this?


Thanks for the heads-up. Now, my question is how to we mitigate this? Can you "defrag" a quickbooks database, or is there a function like in MS Access where you can compact the database, or does a simple system defrag take care of it?

Again, thanks for the article. Good information

David Creswell more than 2 years ago

Keep Reading....

We will address 'fragmentation fixes' in a future article. more than 2 years ago

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