TECHNO TOPIC: QuickBooks List Damage - Templates



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Great tip!

This is a great tip!

Cindy Hovig more than 2 years ago

resort option not available

I am currently having this problem but in QBES 14 I did not see an option to resort the list. Any idea why it is not showing up? Thanks!

Denise Bailey more than 2 years ago

Centers Re-sort

To resort the various centers (Customer Center, Vendor Center, etc.) you should insure that the Center is set to display "All' at the top of the list (not just active). Then from the "View" Menu, select Re-sort List (typically found about 75% of the way down the View menu options.

Remember to re-sort the Master Names List as well as the individual centers.

Templates list in some newer versions of QuickBooks can also be re-sorted from the "View" Menu.

Most other lists are re-sorted from the list (names of list) button at the bottom of the list.

Murph more than 2 years ago

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