TECHNO TOPIC: Improving QuickBooks Performance - Using Differential Diagnosis



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reading charts and screen shots

Is it just my screen, or is anyone else having a problem reading, for example, the chart Murph started this post with? Very fuzzy, can't make any of it out.

Kathy more than 2 years ago

We agree--

For some odd reason, when I re-sized the chart to fit the allocated space, it did get very fuzzy despite my best attempts to sharpen it up. That is why I added the caption at the end.......and this applies to yourself, as well as anyone else who wants one. If you will send us your email, we will get you a 'clear' PDF of the Differential Diagnosis Chart.

Murph more than 2 years ago

Chart download available

We have updated the article to include a download link for the image at the end of the article or you can click here

garyd ( more than 2 years ago

The link no longer works

I was reading through the article and was interested in the chart that is not readable. Tried the link, but get the following message from sharefile: The link you are trying to access is no longer available.

Mario Hernandez more than 1 year ago

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