QuickBooks Online "Inventory Enhancements"

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quickbooks pos support

Nice post.It makes sense very informative and details explain about QuickBooks for online inventory enhancement.

Manoj Chowdhury 13 days ago

Is QBO Inventory ready for Prime Time?

I've always steered clients who need job costing or inventory away from QBO. Do you feel that these improvements make QBO inventory equivalent to QBD inventory?

Bob Hannabery more than 1 year ago

Not Equal, but Maturing

These changes do not still put the core QBO product's inventory capabilities on par with QB Desktop, but they do show improvements in the basic functionality and tend to indicate that Intuit is aiming for better 'core' functionality within the product. I still believe that Apps coupled with QBO will be the way to go if you need more sophisticated capabilities.

insightfulaccountant.com more than 1 year ago

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