Let’s go to the Playground, QuickBooks Online Accountant's Your Books

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Intuit Needs to Find a Better Way

I agree with Michelle that it isn't ideal to do test within your QBOA. For one thing, I wanted to demo a 3rd party app for a client and decided just to sync it to my own QBOA (which our firm does use for internal accounting.) The problem with this scenario was that, in order to show it to our client I would have had to show them internal information. No dice. So, how do we demo products and demo apps for clients? Hopefully Intuit can find a way to add apps to the sample company or give us ProAdvisors some type of testing environment. This used to be easy on Desktop - create a test company (or 2, or 3, or...) and test away with multiple scenarios.

Tonya Schulte 301 days ago

Do NOT use Your Books for testing client data

Nice article Liz! However, I would NOT recommend using Your Books for testing with client data. When you add a new customer/client in Your Books, it is automatically added as a client on your QBOA dashboard. You would NOT want your client's customers showing as a client on your QBOA dashboard. :)

Michelle Long more than 1 year ago

You make a good point - but testing Apps is the issue possed for the playground.

I certainly am not a QBO expert, and I will definitely admit that up front; but I did some testing with Liz today on this, and for the life of me I don't see what the negative aspects area of testing a client's data for purposes of App integration in this way.

Yes Michelle, you make a Very Good point, it is true that the uploaded file will result in the customer names appearing in the dashboard of your QBOA, but that is 'just' for the testing period....the article never posed any long-term use of the client's data in this manner.

And while there is a 'sample' QBO file, I am fairly certain that you can NOT link that sample to any Apps, so that doesn't provide a means of App testing either.

If you are signing-up new clients via your QBOA (discount) then you only have 24-hours (or less) to dump the account before charges are incurred, that hardly provides time to test several apps with the client's data.

If the client signs-up for a 30-day trial then you can't test Apps via your QBOA with the Client's trial subscription, at least not as the Advisor, that is what our testing showed.

If you clear-out 'My Books' after testing the data, by uploading an empty file, then all the names from the upload are dropped and you are back to square one.


insightfulaccountant.com more than 1 year ago

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