QuickBooks 2015 Release 3 Updates



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Quickbooks pro 2015 copy A 1099 misc won't align to shaded areas


lori Wynn 247 days ago

Missing Reminder Invoices

Following the installation of the 2015 updates, our contractor edition does not show all of the unprinted invoices in the reminder section. Only 4 of the 11 unprinted invoices. I have to go to the customer window to find them. This is not good.

Heather more than 1 year ago

Have you tried changing preference

You should try changing the preference setting to 'show list' rather than 'show summary' to see if that changes the display in the new reminder window.


insightfulaccountant.com more than 1 year ago

IPN Availability

Either i am overlooking it or it is not there on 2015. My clients loved the feature of being to pay online by check and now I can not find it to use. When will it be added?

Melinda Holberton more than 2 years ago

IPN Not supported in QuickBooks 2015 versions

Here is a link to Intuit's most current KBA technical support article concerning IPN and QuickBooks 2015.


insightfulaccountant.com more than 2 years ago

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