QuickBooks 2014R5 Users still reporting ‘file locking’ complications.



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File Locking

Murph...This is a major issue for one of my clients that use Enterprise. I currently have them on v12 and am afraid to move them again. This locking has become very serious, everyone can be locked out from logging in/out, entering notes, looking at Customer and Vendor history. This lockout can last 10 or more minutes, specially when client is building an assembly. I hope to discuss again at Scaling New Heights this year. Do you think moving them to v14 will reduce wait time or will I be giving my client false hope?

Judy Borland more than 2 years ago

Some improvents in 2014, but many users continue to report issues.

While Intuit has made some improvements in recent releases of the 2014 product line, I also know of many users that continue to report issues with being 'locked out' of functions while another user is performing some operation.

Because the 'assembly process' requires access to so many different components in QuickBooks I can see how someone who uses them extensively could very well be suffering from file locking nightmares.

So, if your client uses 'assemblies' extensively, then they may want to consider an external 'inventory program' that works with QuickBooks for that purpose. There are a lot of 'good ones' on the market, and I have written about many of the best in my series on Inventory alternatives.

If you can 'cut out' as many of the conflicting practices (within QB) by exporting them to a 3rd party application, then productivity and user satisfaction will most likely improved.

Best of luck, and thanks for commenting and reading Intuitive Accountant .


insightfulaccountant.com more than 2 years ago

QB Enterprise Platinum 2015 still has these problems, btw

Personally, I don't think Inuit knows what it's doing. These same ugly/systemic problems continue to exist year after year, version after version. Upgrading to the highest level and year/edition still doesn't solve the problem.

The problem remains buggy code and bad decisions at Intuit. You don't force table-level locking when a record-level lock would suffice. There are still decade-old bugs relating to network name resolution--half of Intuit's coders use DNS and the other half uses WINS for lookups. Most software development companies write systemwide APIs for internal use for things like this and then demand that everyone use those APIs for consistency. This isn't the case with Intuit, presumably.

Note that you can and should adjust the RAM-related registry settings for your server's database manager. Note that this is supposed to lower the incidents of these lockouts. Also note that by Intuit's own admission these registry entries are "magically" reverting to something else... :cough: ...during their own update cycle. So now we see that their update people are accidentally reverting registry entry settings after you--the QB specialist--has attempted to "fix" the problem. And then suddenly a QB update cycle has reverted you back to the earlier lockout conditions rather than helping you.

Good luck

Michael Blankenship more than 1 year ago

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