QuickBooks 2014 - Is the Third Time the Charm? - New Bank Feeds Online Banking Feature



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Bank Feeds

Bank Feeds did not apply to customer but appeared at the end on all our customers?

Barbara 286 days ago

all 70 credit cards couldnt be viewed in bank feeds

All my 70 credit card accounts for my business couldn't be viewed in bank feeds. it looks like there is a limit number of credit cards to use ...this shouldnt be the case . i hope they will fix this asap... more than 50 accounts seem to not work .

walaur05@gmail.com more than 1 year ago

How To Find Out Which Banks Offer This Streamlined Version At No Charge?

Thank you for the excellent article. These sound like some good improvements, but what I'd really like is a decent tool for finding out which banks offer the direct bank feeds option at no charge. Any new accounting client who decides to use QB Desktop wants this answer, and they'll all happily sign up with a bank that offers this service. There used to be a website for it, but it's defunct. Most clients are so confused by the Web Connect feature that I don't bother recommending it, but they balk at paying $9.95 per month to download transactions. This makes them pick QB Online time and time again, despite my arguments at what a shadow of a program it is otherwise. If a bank advertised free QB Bank Feeds, they'd have every single one of my desktop clients signing up for an account. Any suggestions?

Nancy McClelland more than 2 years ago

LedgerSync can help with this

Please take a look at ledgersync.com, our software provides bank statements, check images, and transactions all in the same interface for all of your clients. And cheap, only 2.00. It may help in regards to what you are looking for...

Chris Ragain more than 2 years ago

Bank Feeds

The problem is that you can only have 50 accounts showing in bank feeds, if there is more then they will not show nor will they download transactions. I have more that 50 credit cards that have been issued to my employees and I am frustrated, any advice?

khurram shah more than 2 years ago

QB 2014 Bank Feeds a little cumbersome

QB 2013 had the "side-by-side" feature: a very nice, concise summary page that identified ALL accounts and the transactions that were downloaded. QB 2014 Express, unfortunately, now makes you go through each account to see if it downloaded anything (at least you can tell it to download all the accounts at once, if they are with the same bank). This is particularly cumbersome if you have a lot of credit cards to process: you will have to check each account individually since the Express mode doesn't summarize which accounts actually downloaded transactions. My vote: offer the download summary page again!

Robert Engimann more than 2 years ago

QB 2014 not supported by BoA

was just informed today that Bank of America does not support QB 2014 yet and they did not give me a firm answer as to when they will. So back to QBO import....ugh

Andy more than 2 years ago

Needed and wanted change

I hope this works for my clients. I had started using scanwriter last year to import bank statements into QuickBooks. But hopefully thisnew feature works for all my clients. The Scanwriter option was expensive for me and my clients and I would prefer everything to work within QuickBooks without the hassle or expense of an add on program.

Rebecca Neilson more than 3 years ago

Downloading in QB 2012

My credit union uses WebConnect and I just learned how to download transactions this past weekend. I don't understand though how it's supposed to save me time as most of the transactions didnt download and the ones that did were missing payees. For example it would list "sharedraft 2013" but no name. I had to pull out my check books and find out to whom I issued this too. Then I'd run into the problem of sometimes an entry would download and then next month I would have to input it manually. Am I missing something because from what I understand it shouldn't be this difficult.

Elizabeth Morrison more than 3 years ago

The webconnect doesn't use any 'logic'.

Webconnect simply posts the information your bank provides, they don't know your 'accounts' and may not even provide 'payee' identification (just date, number, amount). QB provides you with a method to 'match' if your bank information was already input and you are simply using download to confirm and balance.
The new QB provides a much better, faster and more robust online banking experience that learns over time and allows you to modify rules to insure that every downloaded transaction is posted correctly with minimum additional effort.

insightfulaccountant.com more than 3 years ago

Still a fee?

My bank still wants to charge me $9.95 per month for this, as if it is Direct Connect. Will this change? If not, then clients who want to save money may stick with .QBO import.

Joanne Baker more than 3 years ago

I can't speak to YOUR specific bank.

Intuit indicated that more banks should offer this new online banking experience at no cost to QB users because there is 'no cost' to the bank.

insightfulaccountant.com more than 3 years ago

Banks Often Do Charge for Direct Connect

The charge by your bank is a choice they make to pass on their costs to you. I personally have a long-term relationship with Bank of America. I am considered an Advantage Customer. As such, they provide the Direct Connect free to me. I did have to call years ago to get this setup.

Laura Madeira more than 3 years ago

Bank Feeds

Thank you for the analysis - it does sound like the third time around is a charm....especially if it will begin to pick up things like 7-Eleven with various store numbers as the same vendor.

Karen more than 3 years ago

New Bank Feeds Feature

What is the advantage of this new feature over the DirectConnect option?

Debbie Banks more than 3 years ago

Great Question

Intuit says that it works with a lot more financial institutions.

insightfulaccountant.com more than 3 years ago

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