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bounced cheques

If the company bounced a cheque for salary or vendor payment how would i enter this to correct

Crisitna 182 days ago

Bounced check feature

The bounced check feature is appreciated, however, the fact that it is available only in single user mode is not. Basically makes this feature unusable from our standpoint

Patricia Zank more than 1 year ago

Bounced Check Button

Hooray! I have used several different methods for recording NSF checks, and they all have their little quirks. We just purchased 2014, and I can't wait to use it to see how it works, and if it will lessen the aggravation at month end when it's time to reconcile the bank statement.

Deb Kelley more than 2 years ago

Bounced Check

If the invoice is entered in November of 2013, the check is received in February 2014 and it bounces, you really couldn't use the Bounced Check feature as it will go back to the invoice in a prior period and change it's status to open. (Even if you close off the period) That surprises me. Thoughts, Murph?

Christine more than 2 years ago

Journal Entry as part of this process

"Behind-the-scenes QuickBooks made a journal entry to correct the bank account, re-post the original amount to Accounts Receivable, and also invoice the $35.00 bank NSF fee to your customer."

I was impressed right up until how the actual transaction is entered. We all know that QuickBooks is a transaction based system and journal entries can be deadly to it's usefulness so why develop a procedure in A/R where the result is a journal entry? I'll stick with how I'm currently doing it. Like the concept, just don't like the result.

Michele more than 3 years ago

Bounced Check

Nice, I'll be promoting this feature!

Marcia more than 3 years ago

Thanks For Reading!

Thanks Marcia. We appreciate that you take the time to read Intuitive Accountant and give positive feedback. It helps us know that we are doing something right! Thanks for being an Intuitive Accountant!

garyd (insightfulaccountant.com) more than 3 years ago

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