Where are the QBO Partial Purchase Orders?



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Coming later this spring

As Charlie mentioned, it is being held and will be coming later this spring. :)

Michelle L Long 156 days ago

Thanks for chiming in...

I am sure all the regular QBO users are really looking forward to this new capability, just as soon as it 'really does' make its debut.

insightfulaccountant.com 156 days ago

To be released, or not released, that is the question

So Charlie, it was in the February release notes, but still has not been released. What does that tell us about the accuracy or reliability of the information we are being told? As an, 'in the field' practitioner, it makes us crazy not knowing what's available and what isn't.

Tim Grant 157 days ago

Thanks for the Update, Charlie !

I must admit, "I knew I wasn't seeing the new feature", I was trying to make two points. (1) That we had been told it was being rolled-out, and (2) that we had NOT been told that their plans had changed (or why).

Tim, I think you are making the same two points. I'm just glad that someone chimed in to say, "yep, Murph, you are right it was in the release notes" (even though they are no longer there).

Thanks to both of your guys (Charlie and Tim) for your valuable comments.


insightfulaccountant.com 157 days ago

I understand!

Per the blog post about its release, I discussed it in a QB Power Hour webinar and mentioned it in other webinars too. It is still coming later this spring, just not as quick as we thought (based on it in the QBO updates post).

Michelle L Long 156 days ago

Not released yet

What you are seeing is not the new feature. They have been field testing it, and it wasn't quite ready for release, so they are holding off on the release.

Charles Russell 159 days ago

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