Meet QBO's New Navigation Bar

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QBO Navigation Improvements

I do like these changes. It takes fewer clicks to access important features, particularly the Chart of Accounts, Bank downloads, Bank Rules and Products and Services. I hope they never change the 'Quick Create'/ Plus sign - it is so clever that the '+' means add and it turns into an 'x' when you need to exit.

Leslie N Simmons 172 days ago

I'm liking the new Nav Bar now...

I originally didn't like the change because it hid Customers and Vendors but it has grown on me to the point where I now really like the new Nav Bar. I love how the Banking & Reconcile are easier to find and navigate to. Hopefully this will help keep the books cleaner on an ongoing basis...

Caleb L. Jenkins | Top Up-N-Comer ProAdvisor 174 days ago


Finally, relevant & understandable menu elements

Ross Beasley 174 days ago

New Nav Bar

It has always puzzled me that access to bank feeds, the feature accessed more times per month than any other, by many users,was buried under a layer of menue items. I join you on the "happpy dance" floor.

Ann Lee 174 days ago

Merely cosmetic changes

These QBO changes are merely cosmetic. How about the Intuit developers spend some time on enhancing the feature-set and abilities of QBO instead of wasting resources to make it look pretty.

Kendall Wheeler 174 days ago

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