QBO Labs Discontinues Company Templates



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Maybe it's new and improved

I have also used this feature. I hope it is not going away completely.

Monique Swansen 124 days ago

I hope it's not gone!

I used this feature a lot, although I suspect I was one of the few that did. I hope it's really not gone.

Alicia Katz Pollock 150 days ago


My guess is that they will allow you to copy an existing company instead.

Carl Stoddard 151 days ago

I only hope Intuit releases something better...

I was really disappointed when I read the notice above. I love this QBO Lab and have used it countless times on multi-company setups and it has been really helpful. It has taken the time down from 45 min per company file to 15 min per company file to setup a new company with a specific Chart of Accounts and specialized settings.

Caleb L. Jenkins, CQP | Top Up-N-Comer ProAdvisor 151 days ago

QBO Labs

I read about Company Templates Discontinuation for QBO Labs. I hope this is not true or at least you will be replacing it with something similar.


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