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Open Invoice Report - Customize column options

Hi Macia, Great question. At this time you can customize the Open Invoice report to include "sent status". The Sent column include the word "sent" if the invoice has been emailed but no other details such as when or viewed.

Liz Scott 247 days ago

Open Invoice Report

I wonder if there is a column on the Open Invoice report to show the last email action -- you know, at the bottom of the invoice where it shows "sent" "open" "viewed" etc? That would be helpful when reviewing this report. I just spent a few hours with a client going over each of their open/past due invoices and this was key to what are next action was.

Macia Lorraine 247 days ago

Quickbooks Online Reports

Are these reports available in all versions of OBO?

Marie Porolniczak 247 days ago

QuickBooks Online reports and versions of QBO

QuickBooks Online new reports are available in Essentials and Plus there are some limitations with Simple Start due it’s design for a user who only tracks income and expense so there is no need for more robust reporting. QuickBooks Online Plus has more features such as billable expenses, class tracking and locations so as a result more robust reporting needs. I most often recommend users to Essentials or Plus unless the user is truly only tracking income and expenses.

Liz Scott 246 days ago

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