First QBO Makeover On the Way



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New Layout

The new FONT is HORRIBLE and looks cheap, very unprofessional....

Also why mess with the bar on the side? Please make an option or put it back its really bad on the eyes

Tony Castrovinci 239 days ago

Color Preferences are Subjective

I prefer to choose my own color scheme based on what is going to stand out the most when I'm working. Why can't there be options for users to select their own color scheme like in QB desktop? I also agree that gray is not a useful color. It tends to deter focus on a section.

Tammy Collins 249 days ago

Quick Create

Sad to see Quick Create move off the top center - infrequent users don't 'see' the icons on the margins. And where is replacement for Recent Transactions icon? Also - grey is not a color, its just depressing. This color change loses demarcation between sections - a step backward in my view.

R Hensley 257 days ago

QBO Changes

I have never been one to take the negative route with Intuit's products and services as there is no perfect software; but really, this is the concentrated effort towards a "major change" since Harmony?

Shea ONeal 259 days ago

QBO Changes

I actually liked the blue, but I understand that it is time for a change. Green makes more sense for Intuit, I suppose. But I am all for the larger font. :)

Lynda Artesani 266 days ago

Color Updates

This new scheme looks like everything runs together. I, too, wish Intuit would work on adding usable functionality and removing bugs instead of messing with color schemes.

Abby Hart 266 days ago

QBO new color scheme

Larger font, yes! I'm really digging graying out estimates and unbilled expenses makes good sense.

Liz Scott 267 days ago

Color Changes

Intuit did not learn much from their emphasis on color changes in Desktop in 2013. Who is clamoring for color changes? How about increased functionality being the focus instead of "gray and green"? Excited? Hardly.

Lorien Prince 267 days ago

Use of color

I am a big believer in color to assist usability. While this new color scheme is attractive and modern, I hope it's not a step backwards in instantly being able to look at a screen to see where you're at and what you're doing.

Alicia Katz Pollock 267 days ago

Color Changes

The new colors are horrible here. We have a yellowish green instead of green and we have an orange rust instead of red. Why can't Intuit leave the constant "upgrades" and focus on bug elimination.

John Griffing 267 days ago

Color over functionality

Our team would find much more value with improving functionality over color schemes, notably financial statement reporting and ability to enter batch journal entries.

Brenda Martineau 267 days ago


more functionality and bug fixes.

Ron Wells 260 days ago

new color scheme

I don't really like it. Seems harder to see to me.

Ted Smith 267 days ago

With Donor Restrictions

The colors are nice. What new changes will help NFPs report their restricted net assets? Is that a class or location code? Will there be a new report generated for restricted assets?

David Warlick 267 days ago

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