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When will we see windows 8 app

Does this mean we will see a windows 8 app with live tiles soon to create a custom dashboard on our start screen?

Blatchca more than 2 years ago


Why is an App needed for a Mac? With a supported browser and an internet connection shouldn't it just work?

Pat more than 2 years ago

Its' all about appearance and functionality.

QuickBooks Online was designed to emulate a Windows product. The QuickBooks App for Mac, even though it is accessing QBO makes it appear on your Mac as though the product was designed for Mac, not Windows.

Because the App is specific to QBO, background operations allow for improved performance by caching memory specific to your QBO history without restrictions from other internet history held in temporary memory.

It's the same rationale and functionality that drives the creation of Apps for your iPhone or iPad; while they both have 'browsers' most remote applications (even though they could be accessed via the devices' browser) still function better and provide enhanced performance via their App than through the browser.

Murph more than 2 years ago


I agree on all accounts but have to say that I was most impressed by the speed of loading each screen view. Very efficient and beautifully refreshing for a change! This has replaced the frustration.

Lucinda Lintz more than 2 years ago

Heading In the right direction by addressing "That lack of Mac friendliness"

The windows "Product Managers" should use this approach in addressing the lack of windows desktop friendliness. While Apps are to provide features, the core product (QBO) should look and feel like QBD for searching, retrieving, organizing and processing all parts(subsidiary detail) of the transactions created by the Apps. Your "top 3 things" would be an improvement to QBO for windows users. To bad this app won't run on a windows computer.

Philip R Powell more than 2 years ago

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