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It's unbelievable how bad this new recon is:
1. Slow green spinning wheel makes you want to punch someone
2. Only renders about 100 transactions at a time (so you can't use browser search for an item)
3. Doesn't always remember what you checked so you have to redo the whole recon
4. Doesn't remember that you scrolled down - it goes back to the top about 60-70% of the time
5. can't click more than 3-4 items before you see the spinning wheel

Amazing - programmers must have built this without the input of accountants and what we want.

I guess the good news is that it is kinda pretty. That is important after all.

Mike Murphy 6 days ago

I hate you

Again, your little programmers have decided to have a little fun with your customers. No warning, no explanations, just change it and if we don;t like it we can lump it! Oh, and while you are at it, someone has to pay for these little nerds, and that is us. Thanks for the rate increase! Time to find something better.,

Alan Hagedorn 37 days ago

Horrible New Reconciliation

This new reconciliation is terrible. This was obviously constructed with out an accountant in mind. I have a CPA Firm and we perform numerous reconciliations on a monthly basis. This just multiplied the time it takes for reconciliations 4. Each time you check off a transaction as cleared you have to wait for the spinning wheel to catch up. We need to be able quickly check off transactions. Not click, wait for a spinning wheel, which is averaging 5 seconds for us (yes we timed it). This is the most horrible of the problems. I also do not like having the side by side options. So, now, we no longer have a choice of which reconciliation window to use. We are forced to use the new one and if this issue is not resolved by next month, I will be pulling all of my accounts off of Quickbooks Online. Accounting professionals cannot not work with this feature.

Sissy Lindsay 54 days ago


I couldn't agree with you more. I have several clients using QBO, and all have a minimum of five accounts needing to be reconciled and it now takes me easily twice as long to do it.

Patricia Bolesworth 52 days ago

New Reconciliation

The new screen is awful. I prefer the old one, where I can see everything at one time. This new one is ridiculous; you can't see just a list of deposits and payments at the same time, they are all interspersed in the order they happened. The screen is so big I have to scroll up & down. And when reconciling our corporate credit card with multiple cards, everything is so much harder to find. I hate it, and wish they would give people the option to keep using what works, instead of having to tweak everything all the time.

Brandy 57 days ago

Still want side by side

I don't mind the new changes, as long as they still allow us to toggle to the side by side method as well. This is of vital importance when reconciling clearing type accounts, such as deposits by customers or vendors. New improvements are great, but the new view will absolutely trash the ability to easily reconcile clearing type accounts. Add new features, but don't remove old features that are still absolutely necessary.

Jeremy Craig 116 days ago

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