Are You Seeing More Overflow Errors in QuickBooks 2015?



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Yes, have 2 clients with the issue and now struggling with one of them to find transactions where the "overflow" problem is at. They had upgraded from 12 early this year.

Holley Ramsey more than 1 year ago

New overflow errors when converting QBES file from 2013 to 2015.

Just catching up on my reading and came across this article. Yes, Murph, I had a client on Enterprise 2013. They upgraded to 2015 early this year, long before this article, and it created multiple overflow errors at the transaction level with two specific inventory items which were had gone negative. Prior to that they had some integrity errors that I had fixed successfully in a test copy of the file. They didn't want to wait for me to fix the real file before upgrading. After that I couldn't fix the overflow problem. That same conversion seemed to also lead to a subsequent "SEVERE ERROR" related to a specific user, "Failed to decrypt user's masterkey." At that point I referred the client over to Shannon Tucker whom you mentioned in N.A.N. discussion post.

K.C. Courtnier more than 1 year ago

Overflow/List Errors

I have seen this also. Client was near the limit of names. Never had a problem in Qb 2012. Upgraded to 2015 to try to use the merchant system. Vendor balances were incorrect, reporting was all wrong. After several months of this, they "bit the bullet" and went back to 2012, and hand input all transactions. No overflow issues, all vendor balances correct, no data crashing. Due to this, they will not upgrade again, and have switched to another merchant system for credit cards.

Tina H Anderson more than 1 year ago

Overflow/List errors

In QB Ent 2015I have been seeing errors in the vendor list's balances. No error message occurs, but the vendor's balance is incorrect. A few times, the balance has been listed as the amount of the last check written to the vendor, but it's not consistent.
The reports are correct, But the vendor list is not. It fails a verify, but rebuilds correctly.
Intuit says I'm nuts.

Lynda Moscatello more than 1 year ago

Overflow Errors

Yes I have a client in Enterprise that keeps getting the overflow errors and their Balance Sheet keeps going out of balance. I have spent many hours on the phone with support over the last 4 months but it keeps happening. I thought the last release might fix it as it said that it would correct out of balance Balance Sheets, but Intuit pulled it.

Mary Beecher more than 1 year ago

Overflow Errors

I don't know if this is an overflow error - but it sounds similar. A manufacturing client upgraded to 2015. After that we found that the inventory value changed in closed periods. By using an archived back-up we were able to trace the changes back to individual inventory adjustments. We manually changed the inventory adjustments costs back to the way they were. Then two weeks later there were errors again. We fixed them manually one more time and now the transactions seem to have stabilized. I've never seen this before and it happened right after she upgraded to QuickBooks Premier 2015 from QuickBooks Premier 2012.

Kaylyn Hipple more than 1 year ago

Overflow Errors Also seen in 2015

Murph, I have also had two clients with Overflow errors after upgrading to Enterprise 2015. The first one is a client with many payroll items for working on prevailing wages projects in multiple states and the overflow error happened on payroll transactions. The second one is a manufacturer that has negative inventory issues and the overflow error happened on transactions using certain inventory items that had been negative for quite some time. The second file was explainable due to the negative inventory, the first one was unexpected and happened immediately after the upgrade.

Annie Kendrick more than 1 year ago

Have not seen, but will keep watch!

Thanks for the heads up. What is the tip-off that you are dealing with the problem of Overflow Errors in transactions?

Frank Hannaford more than 1 year ago

One or more Accounts will be 'overflow' as well

If a transaction is in a state of overflow, the account(s) associated with it, will have overflow as well. more than 1 year ago

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