Running a Small Business is Tough!

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Updating and Technology

Coming up on my 5th year as a full time sole proprietor in the bookkeeping and tax preparation business I have started to make changes in my business plan. First thing last year within a month of tax season ending, I completely remodeled my office that I shared with one of my other business's. I mean completely, my desk was on piano dollies as we took all fixtures, merchandise, and everything else out. Tore out all the carpet, laid vinyl planking and linoleum flooring, painted, replaced lighting, etc. That went on over 2 months. Then upgrade office with a second desk, couch and other furniture. New larger, faster printer replaced my smaller tired one. Upgraded to a high grade router (Netgear Nighthawk) to allow me to network computers and printers in the office with ease.

This year has been the technology year. Added a new computer to the second desk. Added 24" monitors to both desks. (mine actually has dual monitors and my other just has one 24" monitor. Had all of my computers (3 desktop and laptop) networked with my new personal 3TB WD cloud drive. Acquired a portable scanner the size of an aluminum foil box for those mobile tax calls. I already have a portable HP100 printer. Bought a tablet (Microsoft RT) with a keyboard so I can demonstrate how easy it is to use QBO and be mobile.

Currently looking into cloud hosting for QB and ProSeries to make it easier for me to access clients data anywhere. I may be able to do that with my personal cloud, but have to do more research. The option of offsite Cloud hosting is exciting and scary. I am limited to wireless broadband for internet access in my rural to semi-rural area. If it goes down, I have the option of using my Verizon Hotspot, but that is only for access to the internet by one computer. I leaves my printer and other computers offline. In a pinch I have a long CAT5 cable for the printer, but hope not to ever have to go that far.

Another update to my office is one of my sons is joining the business. Have started his training with QBO and working to get him QBOA certified. He is very techno and computer savvy. Will also be having him study with me as I work on my EA this summer. Goal is to have him try taking the tests with me. I am also trying to squeeze in as much other continuing education. The free CPE webinars are a great way to block 1 hour training into your schedule. Attended Intuit Quickbooks Virtual VCon that is a must attend Free event again this year. Attended Sandi Smith Leyva Ultimate Accounting vCon again this year, another must attend event. While I love to attend live events like the QBO live certification training I did last year. But budget and time constraints can affect getting there. One of my goals is to attend either QBConnect or Sleeter Conference in November this year.

The future looks bright, my business is growing and I continue to add customers.

Rebecca Neilson more than 2 years ago

I second all of this!

All really great points, but I want to emphasize Point 4. I am a big proponent of downtime/vacations/whatever it takes to disconnect. Not only do you recharge, but I have my greatest brainstorms in those quiet moments when I'm NOT trying to solve problems.

Lori Anne Cecil more than 2 years ago

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