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Lack of Multiple windows in QBO

In QB desktops, I keep the BS & PL windows open to show my clients how transactions affect their financial statements. I also keep windows open during clean up jobs for quick & easy drill downs, flipping between reports, etc. Only seeing one window at a time and having to use the back arrow to find the original report that I was working on is very clumsy and time consuming. Most of the time I do not have the luxury of multiple monitors while I am at a client's office, so that work-around doesn't work. As soon as QBO can have multiple window showing, I will be happy to start recommending the product to my clients.

Yvonne Bryan more than 2 years ago

You can have multiple sessions opens for dual screens.

So it seems you have apparently missed out on how you can in fact use multiple windows on multiple monitors.
You need to be using Chrome, the preferred browser for day-to-day use of QBO, then follow these steps:

1) Log-into QBO, then right click your browser tab, then left click Duplicate. Now you have two tabs logged into your QuickBooks Online account.

2) Pull one tab out of the window and you can work in QBO on two different screens side-by-side even in multple monitors.

3) You can use these two windows to work independently of each other.

4) You can repeat this process if you still need additional windows of your QBO open.

There is even a way to access multiple QBO files/accounts at the same time, but that wasn't you question so I will reserve that for a future article since you inquiry has shown a need for us to publish these tricks.

Thanks for the question and idea, best of luck.


PS - and 'thanks' for reading Intuitive Accountant. more than 2 years ago

Moving Clients from QBO to QB Desktop

I have moved 3 clients from QBO to QB Desktop because QBO was more difficult for the client to use than QB Desktop. Also, clients with more than 1 QBO file want to use QBD because there are no price breaks for more than 1 file on QBO.

Linda Qbq Russell more than 2 years ago

QBO-Additional Questions

I am getting polar opposite calls from Tina Anderson. I regularly get calls from businesses that want me to take them as clients because their accountant refuses to use QBO, from accountants that want to be trained on QBO and from businesses that want me to work with their accountant to learn QBO so they can keep their accountant and use the product they are choosing to use.

Beth Damis more than 2 years ago

QBO - additional question should be added

There ia a whole group of bookkeepers who wanted to respond and could not. However they all stated that there should be another question or two. How many of you have been asked to get a client OFF QBO? and... How many of you have abandoned QBO and are taking your clients to other software?

These are questions I am fielding on a daily basis, with 2 of my "favorite" accountants (CPA and EA), sending clients to me with the specific request to get the user off of QBO due to issues, being oversold on capabilities not in the software, etc. They just referred me to another CPA who called them wanting to know who could get a number of her clients off QBO.

Might be worth re-doing the questionnaire with a couple of added questions in a month or two.

Tina Anderson

Tina H Anderson more than 2 years ago

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