What About The ProAdvisor IPhone App?

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Not Sure What This App is For

I'm obviously not understanding something here. Why would I need instant feedback on my ProAdvisor membership? I rarely access that information as it is. Apparently there is a reason to; enlightenment would be appreciated.

Honali Austin more than 2 years ago

Android App

Raj, to copy and past your answer from the article show the lack of consideration for all ProAdvisors. As a ProAdvisor for over 10 years, I never got a questionnaire about using iPhone or Android.....

Susan Humphreys more than 2 years ago

Android Apps

I understand that Intuit is developing apps for the systems that they believe the majority of ProAdvisors use to get the best "bang for the buck". However, I am disheartened by the fact that many of them haven't been converted to an Android platform as well. It makes me wonder if Intuit really values their ProAdvisors.

Sheri-Lynn more than 2 years ago

Waiting for Android App

I'd love to comment on this app, but I don't use an iPhone. There are a lot of us Android users (and still some dwindling Blackberry users) still around, you know.

Ed JAworski more than 2 years ago

We definitely value your feedback!

Hi, At Intuit, we immensely value the feedback we receive from our QuickBooks ProAdvisor community and always strive to improve on every aspect of the program that will add value to our users. Based on the feedback we got from our ProAdvisors, we have released our 1st version of the ProAdvisor Program Mobile App for iPhone few months ago in US and we are always looking into multiple aspects of enhancing the experience and extending the user base. As part of this process, we will be performing the feasibility analysis of supporting other operating systems (OS) including Android OS. If and when new application versions are released, we will make them available instantly to all our ProAdvisors. The best way for you to stay on top of critical notices and updates to the ProAdvisor Program is to check your member website frequently, and read our newsletters and alerts.

Raj Bhavani more than 2 years ago


So are they not confident enough in the product to spend time on Android version? That's the message I get from it. *Sent from Samsung Galaxy Android phone.

Reesa McKenzie more than 2 years ago

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