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Problem with Download

I did receive the email and downloaded the 2014 Accountant's version with no issues. However, when I tried to download the 2014 Enterprise version, it tried to download Ent. 2013 and crashed my computer. I had a terrible time and only lost current information on one small file (that I have found). Had a hard time today actually trying to open QB Accts version of 2013, but it finally opened and the files seem to be OK. I will wait awhile before opening 2014 or downloading anything else.

Sylvia Mesaros more than 3 years ago

Some users have reported conflicts with 2014 and multiple versions

Some early users of QB 2014 products did report some conflicts when they had both 2014 and older versions of QB on the same machine. Wish I had further details, will see what I can find out.

Thanks for your 'point', 'question' and readership.


insightfulaccountant.com more than 3 years ago

I received the e-mail

I have gotten the license keys and product codes for 2014 Premier Accountant and Enterprise Solutions 14.0 and have installed both. I am still waiting for Point of Sale and Mac.

Keith Gormezano more than 3 years ago

Mis-sent email notice

I have not (personally) received my notice yet. Oddly, one of my employees who is listed as a user on my PA account DID get the notice. Normally, he's not allowed access to any of the paid features. I'm not sure whether he could actually download the s/w or not... did not try that. Anyway, its not an isolated incident. As of 09/13 I have not rec'd notice.

David Worrell more than 3 years ago


They would have to have access to your ProAdvisor login to get to the software. Mine went to a client!

Vicki Borror more than 3 years ago

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