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22 years and STILL learning

I've owned my biz for 22 years (23 in July WOO HOO!) and have always known I need to keep learning. SNH does that for me as well as rejuvenating/motivating me to do more and be more for not only myself but my clients and potential clients. Now What - that let down when you get home, have the lists of vendors you "should" contact, things you "should" do...I've started them when usually they are forgotten until the next SNH. Starting slowly as I have a lot going on anyway but I figure starting with one thing is a move forward. I can add the others (which are minor compared to the one I started with) as I go along. The best advice I can give, do a bit at a time but implement at least ONE thing that you learned.

Murph, Joe & company, all of the vendors and attendees - thank you so much for everything you did at SNH. I learned stuff from other attendees, Murph, so nice to have breakfast with you...Joe, you always do a great setup and am looking forward to NOLA and seeing you at QB Coneect in San Jose in October!

Nancy Gomez more than 2 years ago

Putting the Pro in my title

I always attend SNH to renew my excitement for my business. This year was no different but I've come away with more determination to GROW. Not just my business but as a person and owner. I'm no longer happy with the status quo of "not playing well with others" and just having my QB certification.

This year, I vow to be more to my clients. I will put out the newsletter that has been waiting years to materialize. I will visit my remote clients more regularly and talk to them more frequently. I'm going to visit their websites - not just when they come on board but throughout the engagement. I'm going to be more than just their "bookkeeper", even if that is all they hired me to be.

On a personal level, I'm ready to begin learning again. Whether it is a new piece of software, a college course, seminar or other classroom environment, at least once a month, I pledge to learn something new. And to make it stick, I'm going to begin utilizing all the tools that are available instead of just the ones in my comfort zone.

As a business owner, I have a lot to strive for as well! This is my tenth year in business for myself. For all the things I've done right, I've done a hundred more wrong. This will be the year that I strive to learn from my mistakes, seek the counsel of others who have done it correctly and allow myself to be more successful.

Looking forward to sharing all the positive growth next year!

Catherine Wolfe more than 2 years ago

Gary's Half Empty or Half Full

As Gary contemplates the old question of 'the glass half empty or half full' (with first and 2nd year odds), I am confident that we (YOUR Intuitive Accountant) will be here for a long, long time....the fact that you overwhelmingly expressed your appreciation for the type, scope and composition of our articles when you came to see us (well, "me" at least, I don't know about Gary) at the IA booth is evidence that you not only like what we do but you want more.

So the question is, "more" of what? I really, really, really, really, really want to hear what areas we need to spend more time on, what areas we need to add, and what I (personally) can do to make your IA reading experience more enjoyable.

One of the best things you can do 'for us' is keep reading, reading every day, and reading everything. The 2n best thing you can do for us is 'tell your friends, colleagues and clients'. For example if you clients had read yesterday's headlines they might not have installed the R6 release (my own clients were about 50/50, some read IA and didn't install, some installed first before reading I spent the day removing and re-installing R5).

If it is one thing Gary has 'pounded into my head', "readers hits" drive our success, and providing what you want to read will drive the 'hits'. So give us a shout and let us know what you think.

I love hearing from you.


Murph more than 2 years ago

A couple of suggestions

1. Take my 5% challenge (as stated in my keynote address during Scaling New Heights). If 5% of your clients can go to QuickBooks Online, start moving them to QB Online now.
2. Register for QuickBooks Connect this fall. Scaling New Heights is currently the largest Intuit event in the world, but all of that will change this fall when thousands of accounting professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs and software developers gather in San Jose. We are extremely excited about Intuit's partnership with us around this new event, where we will produce all training for accounting professionals.
3. During the conference I revealed our vision statement: "To radically and positively impact the way small businesses operate, through the ProAdvisors who support small businesses." Our purpose statement is a drill down of that: "We empower ProAdvisors." My third suggestion: Give us the opportunity to empower you. Join National Advisor Network (there is a free 30 day trial) and see how we are fulfilling our vision and purpose.
4. Stay tuned into this site. It is the most incredible source of free QuickBooks news and education on the planet.
5. Explore new ways you can provide value for your clients (e.g. new software solutions you can implement/support for your clients or new consulting services you can offer)

Joe Woodard more than 2 years ago

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