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Other Variables

What are the other variables in determining the Top Pro Advisors and Pro Advisor of the year, besides votes?

Rhonda Rosand more than 2 years ago

We can't share everything (secret sauce and all), but....

We looked at a variety of elements in coming up with the scores. Some of the variables include Certifications and Advisor Rating on Find A ProAdvisor as well as the use of the ProAdvisor certifications in marketing/website.

garyd ( more than 2 years ago


I have had several people be either told they have already voted when they haven't or they get a message saying it is closed. Does it block by IP address? One of my colleagues voted and then no one from within the office could get in to vote.

jennifer adamy more than 2 years ago

Voting Update

Hello Jennifer.
You are correct. The system blocks by IP address (unfortunately), so only 1 vote per IP (I know - not the best method). We will be looking for a better source next year.
Try voting from your phone or tablet or another location.

garyd ( more than 2 years ago

If you don't find your ProAdvisor listed for this year

nominate them next year or let them know of the contest. I also didn't see someone who I thought should be nominated.

Keith Gormezano (nominee) more than 2 years ago

Thanks for participating in the survey

Keith is right. We want to identify the top proadvisors and we need your help next year to make the list even more complete than it is this year.

garyd ( more than 2 years ago

Top ProAdvisor Nomination

The ProAdvisor I would like to nominate is not here.

Brian Fisch more than 2 years ago

Nominations are closed

Nominations were open several weeks and closed a couple of weeks ago. You will just have to hold on to your nomination till next year..... more than 2 years ago


Will you include me in the nomination request for next year? I have someone I would like to nominate.

Jennifer Kalies more than 2 years ago


We will be advertising and writing about next year's program beginning in January (or so) of next year. Keep reading Intuitive Accountant and stay subscribed to the newsletter and you'll be sure to see it.

garyd ( more than 2 years ago

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