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G'day Murph

G'day Murph - Great wrap of the #QBConnect event. As one of those "Gung Ho" Aussies that you mention I can say that our natural enthusiasm was certainly fueled by being present at such an amazing event for many reasons. The line-up of Key Note speakers was incredible, the scale of the event was something else and not to mention the entertainment - "Train" were top notch. On top of all of this though was one thing that stood out for me, and that was the opportunity to meet the people who are paving the future of our Industry / Profession. This includes the Intuit team members who are so passionate and dedicated to providing solutions to improve the financial lives of their customers (our clients) and also the Pro Advisors (like you) who are in the field everyday with their clients helping them implement those solutions. It was our pleasure to make the trip to your fabulous country and after a quick turnaround I look forward to returning next week and catching up with so many wonderful friends (new and old) at the Sleeter Conference (Solutions14) in Las Vegas. (BTW – I am taking orders for Tim Tams if you are interested.......)

Clayton Oates more than 1 year ago

Tim Tams 'the greatest'

My waistline will never improve if I keep eating Tim Tams, still the same I'd love some 'Mate'.

Murph more than 1 year ago

well said

QBConnect was top notch for sure but I think the most important aspect of it was the plethora of Intuit employees that were easily accessible, approachable, and engaging. I teach bookkeepers and accountants and at times am the receiver of their frustrations with the products and the company. It's easy to be negative towards a big corporation-but when you start talking to the many faces in that corporation and see the passion and love they have for their work and their employer, that impact is profound. I think the more Intuit can do to reach out to the community with this direct connection, the better it will be for all of us. I cannot WAIT to see where QBO is 12 months from now and am super excited for QBConnect 2015.

Beth Damis more than 2 years ago

QuickBooks Connect

This was my first ever QuickBooks conference of any type. After 13 years of being a ProAdvisor, I cannot believe that I never went before. I had an absolute BLAST! I learned so much that I had to ask people to stop talking because my head was going to explode.

What a GREAT bunch of people. Intuit and everyone else was there to learn. We all learned so much from each other. I can't wait for the next one.

Susan Humphreys more than 2 years ago

QuickBooks Connect fall 2015

Thanks Gary and Murph! And thank you to the 4,000+ attendees at the inaugural QuickBooks Connect event - which will take place in the fall of 2015.

Chris Repetto more than 2 years ago

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