Intuit Shows "How To Hide From QBO Users"

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QBO is growing on me

I was a major foot-dragger as far as working with QBO. But it's so much easier to work remotely with it, and for a growing number of clients, the best option. I got certified with the older version just before that option went away, went to an Intuit Cloud seminar (very good, by the way), and I've now moved my own QB file to online. Also got certified with the newer version. It's really not so bad! I still prefer the desktop version. You don't have to do separate bank downloads, but without the accountant's version, you can't do detailed P&Ls. I also hope they put desktop's mileage log in soon, as I use that extensively for my own mobile practice. Again, I still far prefer the desktop, but Online is growing on me =)

Penny more than 2 years ago

Hiding from clients

I for one am not hiding. QBO and the cloud is here to stay and it is only going to get bigger. There is a market for QB desktop and I serve many clients using it and like it a lot. But after getting my certification in QBO I can see that this is where the profession of accounting is going. We either embrace it or become left behind.

Mike Crosa more than 2 years ago

QBO - reminds me of the 80's

Intuit and it's users have spent a lot of money and time perfecting the QuickBooks desktop version. It's the best program there is. And now they're going to force us to go back to the beginning and start all over again? We have come so far and they want us to give up even the basics of function, it's unbelievable. I think the next version of QBO will have a blue screen and white letters just like DOS!!

CJ Forgus more than 2 years ago

why we're hiding

QBO is awful. Of course professionals want to hide from it and not have to work with this less-than-mediocre attempt at an online bookkeeping solution. QuickBooks should be embarrassed to have their name on it!!

Jennifer more than 2 years ago

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