Is That Intuit Blue Kool Aid Coming From The Firehose?



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What happend at the rest of the Summit?

While it sounds like they wined and dined you on Day 1, I am interested in what happened at the rest of the summit. I have used Intuit products for years (since the 1990's). They have made some great improvements in products over the years. But they also had a major snafu with QB 2013. While they have corrected some issues, I still feel their design team needs to realize that drastic changes in any program is not accepted by the accounting community. Plus when there beta testers are literaly screaming that there are major issues, don't ingore them and still relaease the product. We all know that half the time the patches are worse then the orginal problem and I personally don't see their goals being followed as much as they say they do.

Rebecca Neilson more than 3 years ago

A Good question that is worth an answer!

On Day 2 we were taken to a conference center and participated in some market research and general networking. It was not as glamorous as day 1, but it was time that was well spent giving insight and networking with peers. The room was full of many of the key influencers within the ProAdvisor world. Generally most people shared the same opinion of the two days that it was time well spent.

garyd ( more than 3 years ago

Thanks for attending!

Gary, I'm happy to hear that you were impressed with what you saw and heard at the Intuit summit last week. Given the important shift in our company strategy recently and the launch of a completely redesigned QuickBooks Online product, we wanted to make sure that you and the 39 other influencers had a clear understanding of Intuit's commitment to accounting professionals and small businesses, and how we are continually innovating to uniquely solve their problems. Based on your post, I'm glad to see that we were clear and our story resonated with you. As far as the hospitality, since my team was responsible for making sure you arrived safely, were comfortable, and had a great time when we weren't sharing PowerPoint with you, I'm thrilled that we delivered on that front as well!
- Chris Repetto, Communications Director, Intuit

Chris Repetto more than 3 years ago

Blue Kool AId

Actions speak louder than words. They have been touting certain messages for years and I have not seen much change. I specialize in working with professional services firms. I have spoken to several high up people at Intuit about why QuickBooks misses the mark for these firms, especially legal industry. They say, "we really want to be in that market we should speak with you", nothing has happened and no one has called or followed up on my emails.
In the meantime we get poorer quality products (v2013 SR 7 as an example) and changes in color.
I like the goals, will just believe it when I actually see them deliver.

Caren Schwartz more than 3 years ago

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