After Tax Season Opportunities



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Since you already have a copy of their QuickBooks company file

to prepare their tax return, it is a great time to go over how they are using it and make recommendations to show your total value.

Not using bank feeds or downloads, suggest it or offer to show them how.
Review the amount of time it takes for the client to be paid by their customers. If more than usual, recommend or other A/R services.
Subscribe to Finagraph. Offer that service as part of your financial analysis services.

The list goes on and on. And you aren't locked into seasonal, high demand activity.

Keith Gormezano more than 2 years ago

Oil Accounting

I can produce a complete Joint Interest Billing inside QuickBooks. No added software needed. I have perfected this operation out of need. It works very well, with added benefit of getting to use QB for all other accounting needs.

Renee Townsend more than 2 years ago

Define your niche

After tax season is a great time to define your niche and focus on building your practice outside of seasonal activity. My own experience has resulted in a "seamless business systems integration" niche, coupled with the right tool - Transaction Pro Importer - to accomplish this goal. For an example of how to use the proper tool (TPI) to fulfill your mission statement, please take a look at my guest blog posting on the Bay State Consulting blog:

Pete Bornstein more than 2 years ago

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