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Chris Repetto - a new high in non-communication!!

I am surprised that nobody in Intuit has seen it appropriate to clarify what losing 5% of your workforce means for customers. Being overseas, in the UK & Australia, I suspect the doubletalk means 'no change for the US, we're just downsizing the ROW' where standards are certainly slipping.

KM Skeaping more than 2 years ago

Layoff 399 employees

how else would you expect Chris to comment...unfortunately the real answer is in the future. After 20 year's of loyalty to QB, I am beginning to have doubts of their loyalty to their vigilant supporters that helped them grow.

Ed more than 2 years ago

Assurances not withstanding

Are you kidding me? Intuit lays off 5% of their work force and all they have to say to us is that paragraph of double talk? And you reported their double talk like it was "news?" <sigh>

Merrill more than 2 years ago

QuickBooks Versions

I wonder to which version of QuickBooks were these employees related? Online (doubt it), Enterprise, or Desktop (hmmmm - as desktop doesn't align with their "vision"). More information would sure be nice - like in exactly which department did they work?
While these layoffs may not "directly" effect our Advisor team, might they impact our clients? Can we prepare our clients for what may lie ahead? Like, when they laid off the 1500(?) qualified, seasoned support personnel in Arizona about a year ago (or so), which resulted in replacing them with brand new (read, lower paid) millennials who knew next to nothing.

Honali Austin more than 2 years ago

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