Will the 'Real' New ProAdvisor Badges Please Stand Up?



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Thanks, but No Thanks?

Definitely preferred the previous badges. Also agree that the Red for Advanced must be brought back, along with the years listed for each Cert. Also would have been nice if Intuit would've stayed true to their colors (Online=blue, Desktop=green, Enterprise=yellow; POS is the only one that kept the same color (orange). The new colors mean nothing and the badges can't be read until you click into a ProAdvisor's page (and even then are barely readable). ProAdvisors, please submit your feedback to Intuit.

Denita Ensz 315 days ago

Not averse to change, but...

I wholeheartedly embrace change when the result is an improvement and there is a need. I see neither: this design is not an improvement, the Red for Advanced stood out, now the Advanced is indistinguishable from the regular certification. Redesigning the badges so frequently is bad marketing.

I also agree with Brian's comment about only 4 badges showing on the ProAdvisor site - widen the field so all six badges are visible.

Do we have not recourse at this point? Are we stuck with these?

Leslie Simmons 317 days ago

We don't need no....

Nice to know when you blow them up to gigantic proportions (rendering them close to useless), that they finally look ok.

Christy Bertani 318 days ago

Hmmm...hugeness makes a difference

Unfortunately, I'm not planning on having these badges made into flags to hang from the ceiling...that's what they look like they were intended for.

Kimberly Moore 318 days ago

Unfortunately, when I look at them on the Find a ProAdvisor website

I cannot read them. So what is the point?

Keith Gormezano 318 days ago

Three more problems with the Find-a-ProAdvisor website

The new Find-a-ProAdvisor badges are UNSAT, especially since the website designers once again included no legend/key. How is a prospect supposed to understand what these badges represent, and whom to contact for help, if they are not properly identified?

Even if properly identified by a legend/key, those of us who made the great effort to achieve Advanced Certification (I did so with both Desktop and Online) deserve a badge that more readily and more accurately displays this noteworthy accomplishment. And ProAdvisors who have certified for many years should again have the number of years listed. Prospects do care - very much - about depth of knowledge and the number of years a company has been in business!

Finally, why does the website math not add up? Will Intuit correct the embarrassing "... and 1 more" math error? I have proudly earned all six badges. On the website, four badges are displayed plus the "... and 1 more" link. This portion wraps to two lines. Why not display all six badges (in two lines) on the website, and include a legend/key at the top of the page so prospects can readily understand whom to contact for help?

Does Intuit intend to finish the job on the Find-a-ProAdvisor website?

J. Brian Dreger 318 days ago

Spelling of 'QuickBooks" or 'quickbooks'

So does this also mean they have changed the correct spelling of the software from QuickBooks to quickbooks?

Gale Kirsopp 318 days ago

Intuit has said 'no'.

Intuit's official word on this, as taken from the FAQs we were provides is:

"Although the new QuickBooks brand mark is in lower case, the correct written name of the product is still "QuickBooks".

insightfulaccountant.com 318 days ago


They look pretty good at that size.... too bad those will not fit on my business cards. ;-}

Natalie Browne 318 days ago

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