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Is QuickBooks at fault or Windows 10?

Since we upgraded(?) our business to Windows 10 (right before the deadline for free upgrade), QuickBooks has been buggy in several ways. Problems are with timesheets and payroll, perhaps it's all related. I've spent hours on the phone with Intuit techs. Their first pass was to get us to upgrade to QB 16, saying that 15 was not compatible. (we subscribe, so it was at no cost, but we typically don't bother upgrading every year) That had no effect. Since then I've been working with one particular tech, the one that happened to catch my case, but lately he hasn't been returning my calls. I suspect that's because he doesn't imagine he can get it fixed. But I wonder if I should fault QuickBooks or Windows 10. I've been suggesting we downgrade back to Windows 7, which worked well with QB, but the IT guys at my company are telling me that Win 10 is the real deal, and not just a beta release like Win 8 (tho Microsoft will never admit that), and that if we bite the bullet and and do a fresh install of 10, instead of an upgrade, then the problems will likely start to go away. I'm not looking forward to spending more long hours on the phone with Intuit, with the guy who has stopped calling me back, but I sure would if I had any faith that he would get it worked out, but I don't. Anybody have any opinions?

Tom Payne 292 days ago

Windows 10 Upgrade`

So I have read repeatedly that people who attempted to 'upgrade' to Windows 10 via the upgrade path have had issues with so many different things (not just QB issues), but that people who chose to do a clean install of Windows 10 didn't experience the same issues at all.

We have seen the same thing from QB for years as well, those who attempted to 'upgrade' their prior version would experience all kinds of issues that users who simply installed the product without replacing/over-writing the prior version didn't have those issues.

Since I am unclear as to which avenue you took for both your Windows and QuickBooks upgrades, I might suggest that you have a 'bit of both'.


insightfulaccountant.com 290 days ago

Tried Windows 10 and Quickbooks 2015 ....NOT

I tried Windows 10 and QuickBooks 2015 and yep it didn't work. I liked Windows 10 and look forward to using it but a girls gotta work. so i'm back to windows 8.1. I just moved to QB 2016 I was wondering if it works with windows 10. don't have time to try it now...maybe??? has anyone tried it yet?

Beverly more than 1 year ago

quickbooks 2016 and windows 10

Waited for the new quickbooks 2016 before upgrading to windows 10 to avoid compatibility issues but even after a serious tech guy from work and 2 hours onto the quickbooks techs they deemed it not compatible with my brand new laptop.

Said they hoped it would be compatible by Dec, this was in September. Had to wind new laptop back to windows 8.1. Avoid

Livimum more than 1 year ago


Quickbooks is one one of the worst software products I ever saw. So many bugs, and so many easily fixable annoyances! Being a programmer myself, I can tell you, that just because a software is written a year before a new Windows is released, is no excuse for said software to not work in the new Windows. A well written software from 2001 works perfectly fine on Windows 10 in 2015. The magic word is "well written". Clearly, that word is missing from Intuit vocabulary. I understand why they do it though. They force people to keep buying the software over and over again, with each new version of Windows. That is pathetic.

Peter more than 1 year ago

QuickBooks Pro 2013 runs fine

I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro, and QuickBooks Pro 2013 runs just perfectly on Windows 10 Pro build 10130.

Steve Taylor more than 2 years ago

Quickbboks Pro 2013

Steve, I'm running QB 2013 Pro and wanted to confirm that you're still running fine on Windows 10 before I go ahead and install. Thank you.

John Keller more than 1 year ago

Just remember that Guinea Pigs are edible

So if you want to be a victim, try out Windows 10 on your regular programs. If you want to test it, then do it on a separate machine. What I find interesting is how many folks tell their clients to always wait a week or two before installing any upgrades to their software. Doesn't that apply in this case?

Keith Gormezano more than 2 years ago

Windows 10

Thanks; good article.

Ellen Muskus more than 2 years ago

Misdirected Opinion

I disagree with your opinion of people being Guinea Pigs because they wish to have the newest software immediately. If you had bothered to get your facts straight, you would know that windows discloses which programs will have compatibility issues on your system before installing the new OS, allowing users to make an informed decision. And the test version has been out for months now, there is no reason software developers should be this far behind on making their programs at least somewhat compatible.

Yet you seem to think its the end user that is making a terrible decision in downloading a new OS on day 1. You are clearly not as informed as you seem to believe you are

Ghit Bhennt more than 2 years ago

Your Opinion Matters Too...

All I am going by is my past experience with at least 6 different MS OS. We hear about all and 'compatibility' and 'compatibility settings/options' with each new release, and still have historically had the same results. Software developers had to 'adapt' their products to fit the new OS before they would work or work correctly (without issues).

If you notice we always use the same 'take it slow' (wait and see) advice even when we discuss 'release' updates as well as 'version' updates for QuickBooks itself.

While some people choose to be at the top of the 'cutting edge curve' where new software is concerned, I might just say that 'the cutting edge' is also the source of most 'open wounds.'

Thanks for your comment, and thanks for reading Intuitive Accountant.


insightfulaccountant.com more than 2 years ago

RE: Misdirected Opinion

I gotta go with Murph here, not only based on my own experience with being an early user but also the anxiety and stress I see (and hear) others experience when they jump in too soon. Even professional accountants will sometimes go and buy a new computer with the latest Windows OS preloaded and the next thing you know they are in the user groups asking why this doesn't work or what to do about that. It's happened with Windows 98. Vista, 7 and 8. Most don't remember that when QuickBooks first came out with the Windows version there were problems too - and there was a quick update to QuickBooks to fix it. Turned out that the QB database engine at the time couldn't tolerate latency very well. The point is, a critical system that makes a life or death difference to a business should not be upgraded before the software is proven on a non-essential computer, which is often oddly enough someone else's computer.

Scott Bonacker CPA more than 2 years ago

Wise advice

Wise advice from a wise man - another expert also says:

Get Windows 10: Microsoft's biggest software upgrade in history begins today

That update is what is triggering the popups.

All windows 7 and 8.1 PC's are eligible for the update. If you aren't
getting the pop on a PC you do want it on, it's because you are missing that
It's unknown how we will get the full ISO for a clean install.

I would not recommend installing this on production business machines until
one of the bleeding edgers comes back and says "yes, all fine".

Scott Bonacker CPA more than 2 years ago



Christy Bertani more than 2 years ago

Great Giggles!

Murph, as usual, your discourse amuses me, thank you for the giggles!

Catherine Wolfe more than 2 years ago

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