Users Report QuickBooks is Misprinting 1096 Forms



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Post-It Tape...Great Suggestion

Thank you for the suggestion of putting post it tape over the 1096 when printing...worked like a charm! more than 2 years ago

How do I report error to IRS

Ack! I have already sent my 1096 to the IRS, and just realized the wrong box had been checked in section 6 (1099-S got checked instead of 1099-Misc). How do I report the error to the IRS?

Francis more than 2 years ago

You can file a corrected copy of 1096.

As with most IRS forms, there is a method to submit a correction copy of the 1096. You may want to contact your local IRS office for assistance in this matter.

Sorry you didn't see our post about this before you submitted your form(s). more than 2 years ago

Form 1096 in QB 2012 & 2013

I have not experienced that problem in either 2012 or 2013, but I did notice in 2013 the "sample" that prints when you choose to print a sample from the alignment grid box for Form 1096 prints a sample for Form 1099 instead. The only way to line up Form 1096 is to keep printing the Form 1096 and adjusting, instead of being able to stay in the same window, change the alignment, print the sample, change again, print another sample, etc. Makes the process of getting the alignment correct longer and more tedious.

Dianna Deppe more than 2 years ago

people still print these?

With numerous easy inexpensive integrated options for doing 1099s from QB via efile, it kills me that so many are still printing on red forms... smh

Michael Mehr more than 2 years ago

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