MIND OF MURPH: About our ProAdvisor of the Year Scoring



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Integrity Should Matter

Murph, thanks so much for the information you provide!

Unless I missed it being mentioned, I think Integrity should also be part of the formula on judging whether or not a person belongs in the top 100. I'd like to think there is some way to validate the reviews made on the various sites.

I think the comments from Wayne and Keith are well said and valuable criteria.

Denice Hogan more than 2 years ago

counting clients

That's a great process Murph!. Thanks for clarifying. The one thing that''s not clear - and on all similar surveys - is what is meant by "total number of clients". It would be helpful if you could attempt to define that in next year's request. Areas of delineation could be:

time period - how many different clients have you actively worked for in the last 12 months...or 36 months...or forever. I suggest 36 months because some consulting clients only need us at random times.

who's client? - a person who supervises a team might define their clients as either all the team's clients, or as just those they personally interact with.

What type of clients? I thinks this was pretty much covered by the questionnaire's listing of specific services, but I suggest that tax return only and write-up clients should not count in the overall total; since the focus is on consulting, it should only include clients who use accounting software

Thanks for considering my possibly overly obsessive concerns... I can't stop being a bean counter.

Wayne Higdon more than 2 years ago

I attempted to clarify in a prior article...

Actually I did offer some clarification in a prior article shortly after the application process started:


We will attempt to provide better instructions next year.


insightfulaccountant.com more than 2 years ago

Some considerations for next years Top ProAdvisors Awards

First, as one of the winners this year and last, I think you should also be looking at folks social media activity.

Someone who frequently contributes to LinkedIn and Facebook groups, comments on Intuitive Accountants and QuickBooks and Beyond blogs and other private blogs, and keeps their business website and social media profiles up to date in my eyes is giving back to the community and that is as important as being Advanced Certified. You could issue a point for every post. You might want to also be counting the number of outbound links from a candidate's website and inbound links.

Second, I would want to get a list of courses that a candidate has taken over the past year. You could issue one point for every CPE or class hour. To me, someone who has taken the time to stay up to date is more useful than a five year old Advanced Certification.

Third, it is my understanding that CPAs are not allowed to solicit reviews. Under your rules, that puts them at a disadvantage unless they have social media savvy clients. Perhaps, you could ask candidates for a list of their clients and randomly pick three to five to interview and use that as an alternative. Or you could give them extra points for extra CPE.

Thanks for the explanation on how the score was calculated.

Whenever I talk to other ProAdvisors in always sunny Seattle, I tell them that I currently get 40% of my clients from the FindaProAdvisor (where I am ranked first in Seattle) website and part of that is due to my having a picture, a filled out profile that tells them what I might be able to do for them, current certifications in all products (I had one tell me last fall after 2015 came out that he picked me because I was the only person listed as being certified in 2015), and 39 reviews and that is why they need to fill out their profile and be currently certified.

Keith Gormezano more than 2 years ago

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