Short-n-sweet of QuickBooks for Mac 2014 - The New Toolbar



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Vertical Toolbar

One of the many wrong choice Intuit decided for their users! This is horrible and making things more like the online version only makes me hate the program more! The online version is the worst product yet in the Intuit line!!

Michelle Dean more than 1 year ago

You can change the top icon bar

You can select the option for the top icon bar rather than the left hand bar simply by selecting the 'Top Icon Bar' option from the View Menu.

You can also 'colorize' the top icon bar by selecting the 'Switch to colored icons/light background on the Top Icon Bar' option from the My Preferences tab of the Desktop View Preferences. Preferences are found in the Edit menu. more than 1 year ago


I agree with the other commenters. I HATE this vertical tool bar. It is in the way no matter where I put it. PLEASE give the option to put the toolbar on the TOP so I can see it and use it without having to maximize and minimize and take 8 steps to do what I used to do in 1. LAME.

beth more than 1 year ago

Hate Vertical Toolbar

Hey Intuit, Listen up, People do not like the vertical toolbar along the left or right side. We want an option to position the Horizontal toolbar along the top where it's always been. Don't mess with a good thing.

Joe Smith more than 2 years ago

mac toolbar 2014

and why cant we have the toolbar on TOP like we want it? This is not an improvement, only a change for change sake.

Tina H Anderson more than 2 years ago

Help - Send Feedback

Intuit listens to their users, or so they tell us. more than 2 years ago

Mac QB 2014

In other words, if we read this correctly, we no longer have the option of a "top tool bar"? I can't tell for myself as no CD's were included with our pro-advisor package. I have finally been able to order my installation disks (no longer included in the Pro-Advisor package), but have not been able to install any software as I don't have time to waste on getting all the downloads. Thank you for any clarification you can provide.

Tina Anderson more than 3 years ago

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