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What's next? Will PA support be moved to India?

As a PA, I used to regularly recommend the QuickBooks for Windows Mobile for my field services customers in Greater Seattle to use. Now I can't show them the benefits so fewer are ordering the service.

Intuit needs to create an arrangement where we can get credit for any services we recommend that can be applied against our bill including PA or just provide all of the apps for us to use which would make the PA program more valuable.

Keith Gormezano more than 2 years ago

More Support Declining

Just got this in an email from Intuit: No more phone support for QBOA. Another example of less support. Do you think this could be their way to put us into offshore support without telling us? In a chat, you don't really know if you are talking to United States support like you do when you are having a phone call.... Here is the text:

"As a ProAdvisor, we wanted to make you aware of a change to QuickBooks Online Accountant support. Starting September 12, 2013, we will be moving QuickBooks Online Accountant Support to online "chat" and we will no longer be offering Support by phone. If you are currently using QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can access this "chat" Support directly in the Accountant Center. Your support for all your other products will remain the same and are not changing."

Bridget Beck more than 3 years ago

Intuit corrected their statement

Thank goodness! Intuit made a mistake on the "chat" support going away for QBOA. Here is the email I just got:

"Dear ProAdvisor: On Thursday, August 15th, an email went out intending to highlight the addition of chat support to QuickBooks Online Accountant. Importantly, this is in addition to currently available phone support.

The email erroneously stated that phone support was going away, and we sincerely apologize for the miscommunication. Again, your phone support will still be there, but you will now have chat too."

Bridget Beck more than 3 years ago


If we take things away from our clients and charge them the same, they become unhappy. What happens when benefits like this are cut is we will find alternative solutions that might be better on value and price. Then we'll recommend them to our clients and the clients will listen to us because they trust us more than corporate Intuit. Then Intuit will wonder why they've lost revenue. As a ProAdvisor for years, they seem to forget that we support their products because we believe in them. We wouldn't do it just for the money if it wasn't a win for the clients too. We are out their marketing the solutions that QB products provide to our clients, on behalf of Intuit every day at no charge to Intuit. Actually we pay them to be a ProAdvisor, yet they do things like this. Somewhere along the line they have forgotten that we are on their side and are working on their behalf to ensure the end users are happy with Intuit's products. It takes all 3 legs to make the stool balance. ProAdvisors - Clients - Intuit because we all know the frustrations the end users face each day...it's what keeps all of us in business is providing that solution to create a win-win-win. It would be nice for them to think more about what they can be giving to us vs what they can take away from us...as ultimately it comes back to them in multipliers on their bottom line. I hope they reconsider. At the end of the day, one decision doesn't make or break my 20 years of time invested in being a supporter of QB. It's just good karma to appreciate those who are helping you spread the value of your product!

Pam Morin more than 3 years ago

QB Mobile/IDP

I was more upset a out QuickBooks Mobile. I own a small bookkeeping firm with no admin help so I have to do my own billing and collections. It was easier for me to in invoice on the fly as well as check client balances and collect while onsite saving me much admin time in the office. It also allows my partner to bill without being connected to our QuickBooks Desktop. I already have offsite backup for all my files. I find little need for a service that justs backs up QuickBooks.

Janice Kuhm more than 3 years ago

Data Protect

I've learned over the years to "gauge" the usefulness of each new offering by Intuit. Whether I think it's useful, whether it works well right out the gate, will my clients benefit from using it, and, are there other, better, cheaper, proven solutions, that already exist? I also "gauge" whether I think that once Intuit has us "hooked" by providing the new product "for free" to us ProAdvisors on whether I think ultimately they will discontinue the product, or begin charging us to continue using it. Fortunately, for me and my clients, I caught onto their game very early on. Now, I just look for the best solution, first, generally ignoring the "new" stuff introduced. Sad commentary, but, that's how they "trained" me to conduct business. I absolutely believe that a fully integrated financial management solution is the ideal scenario for any business, but not if the "add-ins, add-ons" 1) don't work, 2) cause more, unnecessary problem solving, 3) cost too much (especially if there are alternatives that work better, and are free), or 4) have lousy support.

I think it's ironic how I was JUST considering using the Data Protect, and once again, the "game".

Thanks Murph for this "newsletter/blog". I really appreciate a resource that cuts through the bu!!, and says it as it is, is reliable, and trustworthy.

Michele Riffe more than 3 years ago

Thanks Everyone for your Comments

Rather than attempt to respond to each of the comments on this little blog thus far, I will just say that this one blog has found more commentary from readers than almost all the other articles/blogs I have written thus far. I certainly want to thank everyone for 'speaking up' and 'speaking out' whether you agree or disagree with me. It seems about 50-50 as far as the 'like/dislike' of IDP, perhaps that is they same type of response Intuit relied on in their decision making. Since QB Mobile really wasn't mentioned by those commenting, perhaps that is another indication as well.

But what is clear is that everyone feels that benefits to ProAdvisors should not be cut (in any way) because costs of membership went up 'last year', even if some ProAdvisors don't use a specific benefit. That is the ProAdvisor's choice, as opposed to not having the option any longer.

So once again, thanks for your comments, and thanks for reading Intuitive Accountant!


William "Bill" Murphy more than 3 years ago


Murph, I share your disappoint that IDP is going away as part of my ProAdvisor Membership. This is one of the services that I use daily. There are other online backup solutions that are less expensive than IDP will be, so I will probably switch to something else.

Karen Snider more than 3 years ago

Benefits declining

Murph -- thanks for your insight. This change is consistent with Intuit raising our costs the past few years as they continue to reduce our benefits. Sad but this is the world we live in today. I wasn't thrilled with IDP, though. The UI never looked right on my laptop. Also, I did not like the fact that IDP added every QB file without asking, including the many test companies I created. You or Charlie wrote about that problem a while back. There are many other online backup systems that exist and we have more control over those.

Joanne Baker more than 3 years ago

Completely agree!

I completely agree! It's only to Intuit's benefit to provide ProAdvisors with these add-ons for the reason you stated: what we invest our time to learn and use, we recommend to clients. Including them in our membership is appropriate and certainly promotes that referral. What are they thinking?

Jeff Cecchini more than 3 years ago

Data Protect

I love and heavily rely on this addition. I even encourage my clients to do the same.

Bernadette Amos more than 3 years ago

Disappointed in Intuit's Decision

Bill, I couldn't agree more. I called yesterday to voice my displeasure. I use both services and don't want to spend an additional $240/year to continue using them. The comment I received was that Intuit didn't see enough support from ProAdvisors recommending the services to their (paying) clients so they are choosing to remove it from the PA software/service bundle. How do they expect a PA to recommend the software if they don't know what it is or how to use it? IDP is an important component of the PA bundle. I suggest PA's register their their dissatisfaction with this decision via the Site Feedback link at the bottom of the Account's Dashboard page. We voiced our concerns about being taxed on the PA subscription if nothing was being mailed and that issue was satisfactorily resolved. Let's see if Intuit listens and does the right thing by reversing their decision.

Christina McNamara more than 3 years ago


Murph - I agree that a ProAdvisor should be given access to any service that Intuit offers under the QuickBooks umbrella - as a well rounded PA needs to be able to speak intelligently about, and support, all of them. And, IDP comes up ALOT! IDP has been a thorn in my side since nearly its inception, and frankly I quit recommending it a long time ago. It constantly seems to stop working, and in a Server environment, the problem of the user ID that set it up needing to be logged in for it to run, makes it marginally useful. I hate losing benefits, and I think Intuit is hurting themselves by doing this, but I have no love for IDP.

Tracy Cooper more than 3 years ago

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