QB-quickFix: Unrecoverable Error when opening QuickBooks file



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Simple Fix

Worked great: I had two users on the same day log this, Different error numbers on the screen, but the log showed that the error occurred right after loading a form. Followed the instructions as described, and both came right up. Thank you!

Joe Gawron 230 days ago

Glad we could help....

This is indeed a valuable 'tip' for many situations. We are glad it helped in your specific cases.


insightfulaccountant.com 230 days ago

Unrecoverable Error Company file won't open Quickbooks

One company would not open but others would. I tried repairing and it didn't work but holding the ALT key down while opening it worked immediately!!! Thank you so much!

Amy 313 days ago

neither worked

I tried both of these. Alt while opening opens the properties box, ctrl while opening, sample won't open either.

Jess more than 1 year ago

Sounds to me like....

If you can't even open a 'sample file' then you have one of two problems, either your entire QuickBooks application is corrupted, or you have some 'windows' functionality blocking your access to the file locations (your real file or even a sample file). If you can see the sample file listed when you try to access them and they won't open if you click on one, then that means it's probably your QB application, if you can't even see the sample files in their normal directory on your own computer, then you have either permission or other restricted access.

Have you tried running the QuickBooks 'File Doctor' to see if it can diagnose the issue, if not then you may want to do so from the QuickBooks support website at:


insightfulaccountant.com more than 1 year ago


Well that ALT holding method worked like a charm. Cheers

brandon more than 1 year ago

Company file won't open, QuickBooks, Unrecoverable Error, William "Bill" Murphy - See more at: http://www.intuitiveaccountant.com/blogs/from-the-editor/qb-quickfix--unrecoverable-error-when-opening-quickbooks

This worked. I was able to hold the ALT key down while loading QuickBooks and that allowed me to access the file. Created more than one user and problem solved THANKS !!!

Michael Lauterbavh more than 3 years ago

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