ProAdvisor News: The 60 day Limit on Your Free QuickBooks Online Company in QuickBooks Online Accountant has been removed.



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Already on QBO

My business is already on QBO as the account that comes with the ProAdvisor membership. How do I move it to My Company? Do I have to convert to desktop and then into My Company?

Celesta Penney more than 2 years ago

Contact QBO Support

We recommend that you contact QBO Support. more than 2 years ago

QBOA Free account

This is exactly what I need; one account for me to use for my firm & one to use to test client conversion. The sample company that you've provided is good... but I need an account that I can test things during an ongoing conversion without losing the info each time I log out.

I've subscribed to a second QBOA just for this purpose.

Kay Flanery more than 2 years ago

Importing into My Company

Does this mean that we can use the My Company as a test platform to import files at will (as often as we choose, for as long as we have that active account), knowing that the previous file will be deleted?

This would be a great feature for those of us that want to test and determine how the QBO features compare to the desktop features for a specific client.

Laura Dion more than 2 years ago

Haven't got a 'policy' interpretation - But I never had problems before.

Thanks for your comment/question, and thanks for reading Intuitive Accountant...

I have had a QB Online file for a 'long' time, and I don't know how many times I have asked 'QBO customer support' to 'dump the data' so that I could import a new set, or even just set-up a new company from scratch for demonstration purposes.

Of course, I know that some ProAdvisors take out a new subscription for import/demonstration purposes and then simply 'cancel' before the initial 30-days and have gotten refunds.

'Where there is a will, there usually is a way.' (Let's see how does that other saying go...Oh yea; "By hook or by crook!"

If we can 'pin someone down' at Intuit for a policy interpretation regarding your specific question, you can be certain we will publish it as an additional reply to your comment.

Murph more than 2 years ago

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