ProAdvisor App is NO 'Alert Source' !



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Thanks for the Feedback

Thanks Murph for sharing your thoughts and feedback about the mobile app. And thanks to those who have commented on this story and shared your thoughts, too. Your article and feedback have certainly identified where we can improve the process. There is a ProAdvisor-specific team that determines when a mobile alert is appropriate. It’s always difficult to find the right balance – we don’t want to communicate too much. But what we are hearing from you is that we are not communicating enough. Since your article posted, we have taken steps to improve the process by working more closely with leaders from our small business care team. This will help us be more knowledgeable and identify issues that are arising so we can send out alerts when appropriate and in a more timely manner. Thanks again for everyone’s input. We hope to see you all at Scaling New Heights in June!

Kim Amsbaugh, Intuit more than 2 years ago

QuickBooks ProAdvisor App

I so agree with this article we should be able to get up to the minute news alerts... that is what I thought the app should do also.

I also agree with Terri, its very frustrating to have to put in my customer #.... another password code that we have to remember... not possible. and why is it that you use a email or password when logging into the Pro Advisor site but now we have to use a customer #.... how about Intuit learning to sync all our data across the many platforms they have.

Irene Rocco more than 2 years ago

No Alert Source


Cindy Moore more than 2 years ago

Totally agree and while we are at it

Why, oh why, does the app not have a way to remember my customer number when I dial the tech support number from it. It has the info on a different screen so why am I stuck first having to write it down since I can't seem to remember the darn thing and then having to enter it on the keypad.

Terri Wilson more than 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback

I know that many people at Intuit read Intuitive Accountant, so keep comments like these coming. We (our audience) can give constructive feedback to the developers they may not otherwise receive. Thanks for being and Intuitive Accountant!

garyd ( more than 2 years ago

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