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I receive contacts from Linked In who have a company looking for an accountant. But most are out of my area. I would love to have a place they can go and find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Jeffrey A Cattani (Jeff) 224 days ago

Search within QuickBooks application.

Cannot obtain ANY details of proAdvisor by double clicking on entries displayed. Also not all my certifications on my profile show up in summary and it is a complete mystery to the viewer as to what the symbols represent.

Robin F Macdonald 240 days ago

Badges missing

I have 6 badges when you click on my profile but only 4 show on the find page and you have no clue what they are. Just goofy boxes with colors-tells the searcher absolutely nothing about my certifications.

Vicki Borror 246 days ago

Wrong Country

I just google find a pro city was populated, I hit search and it displayed Canada folks?? I then tried my zip code and still got Canada. When will this be fixed?

Julianne Autry 248 days ago

New Find-a-ProAdvisor website still deficient in several ways

Why, oh why, oh why does Intuit still refuse - as it has for many years - to include a key/legend defining what the various unlabeled ProAdvisor banners represent? How can a business prospect possibly know whose profile to visit without this knowledge?

The number of years of certification, and the year in which Advanced certification was first achieved, have unfortunately been eliminated.

How, exactly, do these continued deficiencies help meet the stated goal to “create more connections between small businesses and accounting professionals so both can achieve long-term profitability and growth”?

At least the embarrassing “…and 1 more [badge]” error was corrected. But why not display all six badges if a ProAdvisor has earned them? Why only four?

Above all, why not properly define what these badges mean, and the number of years a ProAdvisor has successfully served clients through certification?

J. Brian Dreger 249 days ago

Still heavily tilted toward CPAs

Still lumps Bookkeeping and Accounting together. A non-Accountant can be at the top of the list (Advanced with all Certs and 5 star reviews), but when a prospective client selects the Accounting, Bookkeeping button, they disappear from the list entirely. Thanks, Intuit.

Wade 249 days ago

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