My "Best and Worst" of the QuickBooks 2014 R4 Update



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Update R4

I updated my 2014 with the R4 and now I can't open my company files. QuickBooks support tells me it had nothing to do with the update and that my files have been corrupted all along and this is just a coincidence. But they can fix it if I pay $300 for tech support...........

Joni more than 2 years ago

Quickbooks 2014 crashes (com error)

i have updated QB from 13 to 14 R4 version. But in multiuser env. i have seen that that QB crashes a lot. Don't know reason behind it. It has improve speed.

Nimesh Sheravia more than 2 years ago

Run QuickBooks Verify Data and also the 'Windows Repair' of QuickBooks

A couple of things to try, insure that you don't have a data file corruption by running the QuickBooks Verify Data utility from the Utilities sub-menu of the File Menu. If that passes then consider running Windows Repair.

Many times a problem which causes the application to 'crash' is a result of a bad installation of the program itself. Run the 'windows repair' of QuickBooks from the Programs & Features options of the Windows Control Panel.

Best of luck, and thanks for being one of our readers.

Murph more than 2 years ago

QB 2014 CAN R4 problems

Do you have any information on the Canadian R4 release? I installed it on my laptop and now I can't even open the sample company file.

Stephanie Wells, CPB, RPB more than 2 years ago

Sorry - No I have no info. for you

I regret to say that I don't have any information on problems specific to the Canadian version.

As with any 'application error', you may want to start by using the Repair QuickBooks option under the Windows Programs and Features menu of the Control Panel. If that doesn't work you may need to uninstall QB completely and reinstall, in which case I would recommend that you re-download the program from the support site, your problem could stem from some issue which arose during your release download/update.

Best of luck, and thanks for being an Intuitive Accountant....

Murph more than 2 years ago

Missing pay stub information

Did this release fix and restore to the payroll stub vacation and sick pay?

Lois more than 2 years ago

Sorry - but I don't have the answer to your question.

I have no information regarding this release or that error in this QuickBooks version. more than 2 years ago

I agree File Doctor should NOT be launched automatically!

I agree File Doctor should NOT be launched automatically for the reasons you stated. I hope they change that back in the next the mean time more pain for the users.

Jeff Cecchini more than 2 years ago

QBAE 2014 Issue

Love your articles, Murph!
Here's a 2014 issue for you. Since installing QBAE 2014 in Sept, the program refuses to display on-screen, if Sync Manager is running. If Sync Manager is running, the program minimized to the task bar after entering the login data and refuses to open on the screen. I have worked with QB tech support but no one can shed any light on this issue. Have tried everything including a clean reinstall with no luck. If Sync Manager loads on start-up, it has to be turned off in msconfig and the PC rebooted. Doing so renders Client Collaborator, online backups, etc. useless. Just wondering if you have heard of any other users having this problem.
BTW, just recently found that changing the "target source" in the icon properties from QBW32AccountantEdition.exe to QBW32.exe appears to eliminate the problem. This prevents me from running multiple files at the sametime.
OS is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Run QBAE 2010 thru 2013 also with no issues.
Thanks for letting me vent. Keep up the great articles.
My troubleshooting has uncovered the following: Tried the 3 R's - reboot (both PC & QB), repair, and reinstall. Sometimes they temporarily fix the problems, sometimes not. I believe Sync Manager is the problem. If I turn it off at startup, I have no problems.

Joe Limmer more than 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing with us

Thanks for sharing the problems you have encountered...there were issues associated with 2014 when it was installed with other (earlier) versions on the same computer, but supposedly this was fixed. I am wondering a couple of things:

1) Do you have the 'leave QB running' for faster start-ups checked in your preferences? I have seen issues where Windows will force QB to the task bar if you launch QB (and I have seen it in some instances ever since that preference option first came out.)

2) If you remove Sync Manager from the start-up routine, and launch QB normally, and then launch Sync Manager does it's 'delayed' launch produce the same results as you otherwise describe?

Look forward to your answers, and thanks again for sharing your experiences and 'reading' Intuitive Accountant.

Murph more than 2 years ago

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