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I agree with you!

I agree with you, Murph. The new badges are hard to read and don't differentiate our Advanced status clearly enough! As already mentioned in other comments, I must now incur additional expenses to update all of my printed marketing materials!!

Jennifer Cobb 314 days ago

I like the new design

I actually like the new design. It seems to be a cleaner, simpler, and much more modern design. However, I agree that it lacks the distinction for the Advanced ProAdvisors.

Caleb L. Jenkins | Top Up-N-Comer ProAdvisor 318 days ago

Response to M Berg

What I find most interesting is whenever we (almost all of us on the Woodard Network) post our dislike for the direction of the badges and the referral site, we are told that "PA's were involved in the redesign" or "business owners were asked about their experience" What I want to know is, which PAs? Clearly, not any of us... what about the business owners? some specific area? Since the referral site change, the number of calls I receive has dropped dramatically. I went back and asked clients who came aboard in the year prior to the change as a result of the referral site and their answer was that it clearly stated the date I became advanced certified and the number of years I have been certified. I may be at the top of the list when you search my area, but it no longer indicates why.... yeah, yeah, algorithms based on conditions....blah, blah, blah. But most business owners looking are not going to know those things. I have invested a TON of time and energy (not to mention the non-billable hours) to maintain my certifications over the past 15 years... I want business owners to know that when they are searching!

Natalie Browne 318 days ago

To Natalie and all our ProAdvisors

We appreciate your feedback (as well as that of all our accountants throughout this thread). Serving the needs of small business prospects and our QuickBooks experts is certainly a balancing act, and we're working hard to improve the experience for both sides. We know that it takes a lot of time and hard work to get that advanced certification - and we're open to your ideas for how to convey that in a way that is most meaningful for customers searching in the directory (including but not limited to the badges). Please reach out to me if you'd like to discuss further: michelle_berg@intuit.com - thank you.

Michelle Berg 315 days ago

lacking to say the least

The new badges are clearly not professional at all. Very disappointed with the graphic design. Are these final? Did they not test a download?

Julianne Autry 319 days ago

Thanks for sharing

Hi Murph, thanks for sharing your thoughts. As Kim mentioned, we involved several long-standing ProAdvisors in the badge redesign process. Our decision to select these badges was based on a number of factors, including the experience for small businesses seeking a QuickBooks expert. We learned that the red banner was distracting or confusing and actually impeded our ability to communicate your expertise. We opted for a color scheme that allowed for differentiation between product specialties without that added confusion. We’ve heard that number of badges does make a positive impact on the search process, and having them all is only available to those with advanced certification. Thank you for your feedback on the legibility on our profile pages; we’re looking into improving that experience. Please feel free to reach out to me with any other feedback.

Michelle Berg 319 days ago

New ProAdvisor Badges

I totally agree. The new badges diminish the recognition a Pro Advisor deserves. The new badges also marginalize the extra work put forth for Advanced Certification.

Julie Zevchek 319 days ago

I agree

I agree Murph, the badges are hard to read when displayed in the smaller sizes, which most of us will have on our web sites and business cards. Also, a frequent re-branding by Intuit causes us all to make changes in our web sites, brochures, and business cards. I'm not sure a frequent re-branding is a good thing, usually that's something where there's benefit in longevity for identification.

Jeff Cecchini 319 days ago

New Badges

I agree with Murph! As someone who is Advanced in both QBO and QBD, I am really annoyed at both the clarity and the lack of the Advance badges standing out as something special. They are all very hard to read. I am also annoyed that on the ProAdvisor Web Site it no longer shows how many years we have been certified, and we earned all those certifications one at a time over the years. Not only did they not ask us, but the justification for the lack of earned certifications on OUR ProAdvisor Web Site was that Customers looking for a ProAdvisor do not care or is not influenced by those years of certifications. I have had potential clients who are now clients say that is EXACTLY why they called - they could see I was dedicated to knowing QuickBooks for a very long time. Great question Murph, why don't they simply ask us – their ProAdvisors – what we want in the way of badges or OUR ProAdvisor web site before they decide to change them?

Judith Syms 319 days ago

Thanks for your feedback

Thanks Murph for your feedback. I did want to clarify a couple things. I think you know Intuit pretty well. We definitely reached out to ProAdvisors and received their feedback on the badges and coloring. What you see reflects that feedback from ProAdvisors. Also, in terms of visibility, not only do we need to provide for web but also for mobile. We see more and more small businesses accessing the Find-a-ProAdvisor site via a mobile device vs the web page. The new badges scale much better to accommodate all different screen sizes.

Kim Amsbaugh 319 days ago

who did you ask?

Kim, I'm a pro advisor and was never asked for my opinion on the new badge design. How can you say it scales much better when Murph shows a screen shot that you can't even read??? Why not rectify the problem so you can read it clearly??

Julianne Autry 319 days ago

EXTREMELY Unhappy With These Badges

Just saw that these are coming out during the Woodard call today. As a ProAdvisor "since before ProAdvisors existed" (1994), here are my (extensive) thoughts.

1-Certs are nearly illegible when decreased in size suitable for website or business cards (e.g. at 100 pixels size). When Intuit makes these changes do they try them out in the different environments in which they will be used to see if they "work", are legible, etc.? Do they make them available in sizes that will be suitable for different environments, such as on business cards, traditional (non-mobile) websites, or even sized up large enough for banners?

2-Totally agree with comments about the Find-A-ProAdvisor website. When I first looked at it, even I couldn't tell what the badges meant (and I have 5 out of the available 7). So how would we expect readers on the site to know what they mean? And of course years of certifications now seem to be totally ignored...

3-What's the point of all lower case in the badges mean? That QuickBooks is less valuable? That the brand is now something lesser than what it has represented for many years?

4-Colors aren't consistent with prior badges. Enterprise used to be gold color, now is gray, Advanced Certified used to be red, now is blue, ProAdvisor used to be green, now is blue. The blues used for "regular" Certified ProAdvisor and Advanced Certified ProAdvisor are barely different, so how would any reasonable person be able to tell the difference? Am I supposed to now have to keep a color grid next to my computer to interpret who has what certification?

5-Every time Intuit decides to change logos, certification "flags", etc. it costs those of us who display them a LOT of time and money! Changes to business cards, paper stationery, Outlook stationery, multiple places on our website, banners for trade shows, handouts with our logos on them and so forth. Of course if we DON'T change, then the implication is that we're old "fuddie-duddies" who just aren't willing to keep up with the changing times.

If Intuit was just a "stand-alone" company without a huge "supporting base" of Advisors, then none of us would really care. For instance, as a consumer, does a company's logo have a huge influence on whether you buy something or not? If your favorite company changes their logo, does it have a big impact on your opinion of it? I'm thinking it's not a major event in your life, right?

BUT every time someone in the marketing department decides that they want to "tweak" something that truly affects 150,000+ ProAdvisors, it would be nice to know that there are REALLY FANTASTIC REASONS to make the change!

So, I saw the reasons - "crisper", "clearer", "more mobile friendly". Really? That's not my experience. AND you mentioned that you consulted ProAdvisors prior to the release. Hand-selected ProAdvisors? Why don't you simply poll ALL (or even 50%) of us using a survey tool?

I'm truly hoping that Intuit will listen to our feedback, and make changes!

Diane Gilson 318 days ago

Feedback received!

Diane - thanks for sharing. Your feedback has been heard by the ProAdvisor team here at Intuit. Feel free to reach out directly if you have anything else to share. michelle_berg@intuit.com

Michelle Berg 315 days ago

new badges

they are very unclear - very disappointing!

Karla Geldmacher 319 days ago

"DISAPPOINTING" is generous

I agree with Murph. Intuit should have asked their ProAdvisors. The RED for advanced certifications was useful. Anybody notice the TSheets logo (in the background)??

Leslie Simmons 319 days ago

"Disappointing" is an understatement!

I am with Murph, and KIM, I've been advance certified and with a group of 100 top ProAdvisors. And I never heard of anything concerning new badges,

Mariko Hayashi-Hall 318 days ago

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