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A business colleague sent a link to access some documents from him in Dropbox, but when trying to access it, Dropbox required me to set up an account with them that gave them access to my email and contacts? I didn't want to do that. Is this typical of cloud environments? Is there a work around?

Charity Silvers 340 days ago

Very typical -

This is typical behavior, the only work around comes, in some 'cloud environments' by the sender, in some cases they can 'turn-off' default requirements that require the recipient to establish log-in credentials.

insightfulaccountant.com 340 days ago

Cloud Security

I'm asking...

DOUG JOHNSON 344 days ago

Thanks for asking...

I will have a follow-up to this story next week

insightfulaccountant.com 344 days ago

those things CAN happen

I'd love to hear about how to mitigate damages regarding cloud data. In fact, I never thought about protecting my emails, and boy do I go back to those on numerous occasions when client's ask me the, "Did you ever do ..." questions.

Linda Finnegan 344 days ago

Migrated to the cloud

Murph! You are SUCH a tease. Yes, please...a few solutions to "those things that just can't happen".

Christy A Bertani 344 days ago

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