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From a new friend!

Hey, Murph! I learn so much about QuickBooks from your excellent articles, so it's great to know your story, too. Thanks for all that you do for ProAdvisors!

I love a good storm but wouldn't wish a tornado on anyone. So scary... even though they're fascinating. But if the weather's good? ProAdvisor pool party!

Marnie Stretch more than 2 years ago

The Mind of Murph!


For years you were a figment of our imagination in NAN-land. There was the year that Joe had you 'live' via phone at a conference...so we 'kind-of' knew you really existed.

It has been wonderful to have you take on your role with IA. You are generous with sharing your knowledge. You educate us with a sense of humor that few 'techies' can match. You are a big reason to promote the NAN to fellow ProAdvisors. I have always enjoyed your NAN posts (and those from NaNu too) and even more so, your articles on this website.

So thanks for sharing on a more personal level with this post, just one more reason to appreciate you!

Eileen Sass more than 2 years ago

Glad to get to know you

Murph, thank you for your contributions to the newsletter. It was fun to read about who you are as a person. Thank you for sharing it

Gerri Martin more than 2 years ago

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