MIND OF MURPH: Putting the "Pro" in "ProAdvisor" - Your sphere of influence



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Finding a Mentor

Check out Edi Osborne's www.mentorplus.com website. Edi is one of those rare and wonderful human beings who has the tools, knowledge, and desire to help accountants live better lives and serve their clients better. I've been working with her for the last three years and it's helped me make huge changes!

Mary Longacre more than 2 years ago

Much Needed

Thank you! Sometimes it is hard to pull yourself up. Having someone to talk with and bounce ideas off is just what is needed.
Putting faith in yourself and challenging yourself are hard to do sometimes.
Thank you for writing this and letting us know that we are not all islands.
Love ya Murph

Jan Haugo more than 2 years ago


Love it Murph! I am a firm proponent of education and just can't get enough of it myself. But, I think mentoring and being mentored is the best way to learn and grow. We grow from learning from others and we grow from helping others learn. Personally, I grow more by helping others learn ...I love all the groups I belong to and highly suggest others find associations that allow the development of REAL relationships so open communication between colleagues can develop into mentorship opportunities.

Beth Damis more than 2 years ago

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