Mind of Murph: Flying Commercial - 'Who really "is" the Captain?'

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I Can't Drive to California

Oh, thanks, Murph. In about six weeks I'll be getting on a plane from North Carolina to San Jose (really too far to drive!!). Now I have to worry about landing gear in addition to everything thing else!

Susan Pruskin more than 2 years ago

Time to Spare go by Air!!

Oh Murph, this is truly frustrating! Just a little insight based on life with the pilot of a jumbo jet.... A couple of things happen that the crew is in charge of. Initially they probably had a list of trouble shooting proceedures they had to go through to try to get the gear up. While they perform those proceedures it is preferred that you leave the congested flight space, hence continue flying west. So when proceedures fail they contact the company to review the situation and get maitenance to talk to, and determine to return to the airport. So yes the Captain is responsible for the decisions on the flight, and I would suspect had he declared an emergency and circled back immediatly you would have been greeted by a large group of emergency responders and delayed even more!

Brenda more than 2 years ago


Murph, Don't act like the diversion wasn't all because of your 'leg defender!'

Rhonda McNamara more than 2 years ago

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