Intuit withdraws Release 6 Update for QuickBooks 2014



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2014 Release 5 Reinstallation

I must be doing something wrong. I tried all the steps, including re-install and I'm back to release R6P.

Honali Austin more than 2 years ago

Product download may still be R6

It has been reported that if you download the 'full product' from the regular Product site it is at the R6 release level.

If you are looking for Enterprise 2014 you should be able to access R5 at: more than 2 years ago

How to re-set

Thanks Murph for telling us how to re-set. I was okay on my desktop - but had already installed on laptop. Hopefully method 1 will work and I won't have to re-install.

MB Raimondi more than 2 years ago

QB Update r6 for Enterprise

I have found Vendor Records wont rebuild are in error in the verify logs as duplicates and also AJE imports for clients who have updated are erroring when importing AJE's from us from an installation that has not updated. Anyone else getting the same thing?

Luke LaCourse more than 2 years ago

SDK is also affected

We know that many/most SDK applications that work with QuickBooks are also affected by the R6 release. What I have seen is that even removing the R6 release and reinstalling under R5 may not resolve those issues. Additional steps maybe necessary, but apparently Intuit is attempting to 'push out' some kind of a patch that may resolve those problems.

Murph more than 2 years ago

is this for the Canadian version as well?

Your article doesn't say if this is just the US version, or all countries.

Eileen Reppenhagen more than 2 years ago

US Versions that we know of...

Intuit hasn't advised if this is International yet, or just US; but since normally international version (anythings -- actual versions and releases are behind the US products) I suspect that it applies only to US at present. more than 2 years ago

Canadian Version as well... YES!!

Number of issues.
1. Removes Custom Fields that are not 'there', doesn't say where but we found our Custom fields in POs affected. Fix by resetting to default, but haven't tried to rebuild yet.
2. Using R6 Clients - all users get message 'need to update'
3. I log in with Admin on one pc and other users say Admin must log out so they can update, every login, so database isn't updating
4. Staying at R5 is the suggested solution

I am currently still on the phone with support working through this...

Don V more than 2 years ago

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