Intuit lays off another 249 employees




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The comment I would like to say would be more than freedom of speech could handle. In this day an age laying off of hundreds of employees is just not good for anyone or anything. Shipping all the jobs overseas is just as bad. The money hungry CEO of this country are hired for how much money they can save for the board of directors. Really do not like them much either. Getting rich off the backs of the working class.

AL Flata more than 1 year ago

Purely a revenue driven decision to move to cloud ONLY

Purely a move to force more revenue. If a business can buy and use their product for 3 years at a $200 that pales in comparison to $20-$30/mn ($720-$1080 for the same period) that is currently being charged for their online version. Their product has NOT been in any significant way in years. I am attempted to believe that the ongoing "software upgrade" snafus are really a stick approach to force users out of the desktop version NOW. It once was a reputable company with the business owners in mind (along with profits) but now it appears to be PROFIT only. Too bad and really sad. Good news is that nature abhors a vacuum...something will be along shortly to replace it.

JHL more than 1 year ago


I am a proadvisor who calls in frequently for QB support. Why do you continue to use inexperienced QB respresentatives in offshore call centers, especially payroll? They do not understand the problems and do not understand our language. They only know how to apologize a lot. We need answers quickly from experienced QB users. When do you think you can bring back payroll to the US? My time is valuable and sitting on a phone for 40 minutes to over an hour is not cost effective. Also, when you call for help, the rep has to put you on hold for 5 to 10 min at a time to run a scenario then come back on the line with you to find another aspect and then put you on line another 5 - 10 min and then happens several times in a call. Very frustrating...

Diana Dillard Toscano more than 1 year ago

what Diana said

absolutely brilliant. the hold times when calling IRS are a real problem. but some of us pay Intuit a LOT of money per year. so why give us the short end of the stick/

Bill Rogers more than 1 year ago

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