Intuit QuickBooks To Host Major Event- October 22-23; San Jose, CA



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Type of training

Is this conference for people just learning how to use Quickbooks for the first time?

Sue more than 2 years ago

Conference is for 'users', 'accountants and advisors', '3rd party product developers' and Intuit personnel

QuickBooks Connect, with the key word 'connect' is intended to do just that, connect all the 'players' in the QuickBooks ecosystem. There will be something for QuickBooks users, Accountants and ProAdvisors, 3rd party developers who produce Apps that work with QuickBooks, and representatives of the various Intuit products, all trying to learn, teach and share their common interests and needs.

Murph more than 2 years ago

Hi Everyone - Wish I knew more....

I want you ALL to know that the information outlined in our article is ALL that is presently available; I wish I had more, and wish I could give you the kinds of details you are asking about, but I simply don't have any additional details at present. As soon as Intuit makes additional details available to us, we here at Intuitive Accountant will gladly share them with YOU, OUR READERS.


William "Bill" Murphy more than 2 years ago

How do you sign up for this event?

How do you sign up for this event?

kim wilson more than 2 years ago

Where do I sign Up??

Sounds great and I can easily drive to this event. (only 3 hrs away) I am glad to see that they will have a live event. I have enjoyed the online live webinars and look forward to an event we can attend in person. I will eagerly await all the details on how to sign up. While I would love toattend Scaling New Heights, the added travel cost and time away from work prevent me from attending in Texas.

R. Neilson more than 2 years ago

Fall Conference

I am a tremendous fan of Joe Woodard's Scaling New Heights; however sometimes schedules don't allow everyone to attend. This is wonderful that Intuit is providing another opportunity and I can't see where it will be anything but a great addition to Scaling New Heights.

Laura Gelman more than 2 years ago


How do we register for this event

Aaron Albucher more than 2 years ago

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