Intuit clarifies issues regarding QBO-Advanced Exam



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Exam Question

When working on the 5 part advanced certification, can you prepare for part 1 take it then prepare for part 2 and take that, etc? Or do you have to complete all 5 parts at one time?

Linda Carlton more than 2 years ago

Take the parts one at a time.

You can take the parts of the exam one at a time, you can 'come-n-go' as many times as you want during the exam. more than 2 years ago

I expected an apology

Ho hum. Yawn.
So they did a bunch of work. And the outside consultants were probably paid handsomely PLUS got to have first crack at getting the certification they helped to author.
And Intuit forgot to validate the exam on some guinea pigs before they went full-bore live. So I am sure that Dan Lowell is a nice guy and all that, but a more full-throated apology is warranted.
Intuit certainly has huge market share and can probably afford to make mis-steps like this. Let's hope they realize that they really CAN'T afford to make these screw-ups.

Bill Rogers more than 2 years ago

Tarnishing the Image Faster than they Can Polish It

I recently commented during the article that Intuit's rush into so many 'new things' when turn out to be ill-prepared if for no other reason than 'the rush', is in fact tarnishing their reputation.

On the other hand, they certainly are also 'responding faster' to the problems of this exam then they did in the case of the 'Advanced Desktop' exam several years ago. So we must at least be encouraged by that fact and their expressed intent to resolve many of the types of problems that have been the subject of complaints by those attempting the test during the first couple of months of availability.

Murph more than 2 years ago

QBO-Advanced Exam

Murph the article referenced above doesn't address any of the problems pro advisors were having?? I would not call that 'a clarification of many issues'?? Did I miss something?

Julianne Autry more than 2 years ago

Referenced article only explained QBO-Adv. Exam Issue

The article was intended to present the exam development process and implementation, as well as Intuit's recognition that there was a problem with the exam after the first few weeks of test attempts.

We presented this link for two reasons:

First, the article should be of interest to our readers, especially those with an interest in the QBO-Advanced Exam, and

Second, the article deals with one of the issues concerning ProAdvisors recently discussed during the Webinar IA held in conjunction with the Woodard Group. more than 2 years ago

QBO Advanced Exam

I'd like a direct communication from Intuit to Pro Advisors posing a solution with dates.

Julianne Autry more than 2 years ago

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