Intuit announces Find-a-ProAdvisor Profile Policy Changes



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I am writing this as 'one ProAdvisor' to the many out there who are IA Readers.

Clearly there is a problem in wihch some ProAdvisors are and have 'taken advantage' of the system. They have not only purchased multiple listings under one 'highly ranked' ProAdvisor's Membership, but then they go in and 'remove' the ProAdvisor's name from those extra listings and 'list' the name of their firm. Of course the 'individual's ratings, certifications, etc. all show up in those 'deceptive' listings.

Certifications and ratings (and ranking) are specific to an 'individual' NOT a firm/business. I'm not a lawyer, but it would seem that any attempt to display them apart from the actual Individual's Name would be a violation of the ProAdvisor Membership Agreement.

And that's my thoughts on the matter.

William Murphy
Oklahoma City

William Murphy more than 2 years ago

If you are in favor of this change, then why don't you walk the talk

and not name ProAdvisors (to the Top 100 list) who have purchased multiple memberships so they can rank high on a foreign location Find a ProAdvisor rankings (based on their current profile) and steal business from local ProAdvisors with their fake listings.

Keith Gormezano more than 2 years ago

Honestly, I didn't even think of that !

We look only at profile data of a single 'zip code' that the 'nominated candidate' provides when they completed their formal application this year. I have no idea if 'reviews' generated from multiple listings flow to the same 'ranking', but hopefully the change that Intuit is making in the number of listings a single ProAdvisor can have will resolve this for next year's awards.

Thanks for your comment, and thanks for reading Intuitive Accountant.

Murph more than 2 years ago

I guess I am too Honest

I never even new you could do that. As with anything there are always those that want to push the envelope on trying to get more business. I do commend Intuit on trying to keep this issue under control.

R Neilson more than 2 years ago

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