Shark Attack - QB-2014: R6 and R7 combined error being Reported



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update recommendations?

Any thoughts on updating at this time? Enterprise 14 r5 currently.

tom evans more than 2 years ago

My advice: If you 'need' to.....

Thanks for asking:

While problems still seem to be reported concerning R7, the number are relatively low and generally do not remain consistent from one reporting party to the next. This tends to reinforce that they are 'unique circumstances' as opposed to generalized and widespread.

If you are in need of the specific fixes that R6/R7 provide to problems seen in R5, then you may want to go ahead and update to R7 now.

If on the other hand you are not experiencing issues with R5, then 'why' update, that is the question? The old saying of the medical profession "do no harm" may well apply; or perhaps as us common people say "don't fix what ain't broke."

I have one machine running R5 and one running R7 and I am not experiencing issues with either as opposed to the R7 machine when it was testing R6 before installing the R7 update.

And that is my thought on the topic.......

and thanks for being an "Intuitive Accountant."

Murph more than 2 years ago

Update Issue

Installed the R7 update today and as I tried to Process Payroll Forms I got stuck in the "update" loop. Quarterlies are due in 1 week and Im going to have to fill the forms out manually now as the Tech who I spent about 2 hours on the phone with was unable to correct the problem.

Sarah more than 3 years ago

R7 asking for update

7/17/14 We have a 5 user system... QB Enterprise 14 ..One station came up with the 'update quickbooks' message after r7 was installed. User hung for over an hour and we then forced powered off and restarted. Message has not happened since the forced reboot.

George more than 3 years ago

Sounds like you only 'got bit' once....

Thanks for the input concerning your experience. We appreciate your willingness to share, and thanks for reading Intuitive Accountant. more than 3 years ago

Release ^ QB 2014 Release & Loop

I have had 3 clients using QB 2014 plus me who are having this issue. Even though they have updated they are still getting the message to update.

Diane E. Margulies more than 3 years ago

Which Verson?

I'm upgrading a client to 14 from 13. I have R4 & R5 and of course can download R7, which install would you recommend?

Jonathan Bello more than 3 years ago

We are recommending R5 at the moment.

We still are not satisfied that R7 fixes all the issues with R6. more than 3 years ago

No less than 15 KBA updates issued today!

I got no less than 15 emails about various Intuit Technical Support documents, know as Knowledge Based Articles, that were updated today. Many of them dealt with problems associated with the R6 and R7 updates to the QuickBooks 2014 product line, including QuickBooks Enterprise-14. Some of them deal with problems that had been seen in these products prior to the release of the 'bug filled' R6.

Now the thing that was 'changed' in these KBA documents was that the 'steps to self-resolve' the problems had been removed and replaced by the statement, "Update to the newest Release" which of course is R7. We already know that there are problems being experienced by individuals that are attempting to update to R7, especially if they have R6 already installed.

It appears that Intuit maybe ignoring user reported problems in favor of trying to get as many people to update to R7 as possible. I certainly can not, and am NOT recommending that you follow these new directives.

I continue to believe that you should 'hold off' installing R7 until there has been sufficient experience by 'other users' to determine if additional software bugs exist, or if the release is 'relatively' safe.


William "Bill" Murphy more than 3 years ago

R7 Update

I updated a client yesterday to R7 from R6 and when I attempted the installation, it gave me an error #1603 and would not complete the installation, telling me to repair the QB file and try again.

Rhonda Rosand more than 3 years ago

1603 Installer Errors are not unique to R7 or R6...

1603 "Installer errors" are typically associated with some error in the required 3rd party components (ie. Microsoft) such as .Net, MSXML or C++. Sometimes we see these when people try to install QuickBooks from a 'factory disk' because it may attempt to install necessary components or component updates, but not have the necessary components included on the disk.

Usually when a QuickBooks 'update' experiences these issues it means that the computer upon which the installation is being performed already has a problem with one of these components (commonly as a result of either an incomplete 'windows' update, or 'it is missing the required component', resulting when necessary windows updates have not been performed).

When you attempt to install the QuickBooks update, it can not find the necessary (or up-to-date) components so the Installer throws the "1603" installer error. The Intuit (QBInstall) Tool may be able to resolve these problems; although care must be exercised anytime you are working on the actual 'windows operating system' (components).

Another alternative maybe to uninstall QuickBooks completely, download the latest release of the 'full product' and then install it, in which case the full product will attempt to install necessary 3rd party components required for proper operation. Usually the downloads are more complete than CD (retail) versions of the software.

Best of luck,

Murph more than 3 years ago

Riding the Shark

Thanks for staying on top of this, Murph. I've encouraged my clients to subscribe to the Intuitive Account. It's as good as a pushed alert!

Pete Bornstein more than 3 years ago

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